Is Ramadorai Father-in-Law of N. Chandrasekaran?

There is a big misunderstanding among many people about the relationship Natarajan Chandrasekaran has with Subramaniam Ramadorai. It is alleged that Ramadorai is the father in law of N. Chandrasekaran and he ensured that Chandra became the CEO of TCS when his term came to end. However, the truth may be something else. Now, N. Chandrasekaran has become the Chairman of Tata Sons, and hence this issue has again come to the fore.

Relationship Between Ramadorai and Chandrasekaran

Ramadorai started looking for his successor in 2008, one year before he was to turn 65 years old – the retirement age fixed by Tata Sons. The name of Vivek Paul, the then CEO of Wipro was among the front runner. However, Ramadorai was having a different mind. He started to groom Chandrasekaran. In fact, many people were surprised by this move as Chandrasekaran, in spite of his exemplary business skills, was not having any MBA degree and was not among reckoning. But, Ramadorai was able to see the future of TCS in him.

He started a project termed as 'Take Chandra Seriously – TCS'. He groomed Chandra and recommended his name to the board. N. Chandra was chosen the CEO of TCS in 2009.

This out of turn interest in N. Chandra led many to relate Ramadorai with him. Many started to allege that Chandra’s wife Lalitha, who was working as an Investment Banker, is the daughter of Ramadorai.

That is not the case.

Ramadorai has only one son named Tarun. He has no family relationship with Lalitha or anyone from Chandra family.

In a nutshell, Ramadorai is NOT the father in law of N. Chandrasekaran, the group Chairman of Tata Sons.

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  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Ramadorai and Chandra are Relatives. Also, the New COO of TCS, NGS and Chandra are Brothers