TTV Dinakaran: Profile, Wife, Family and Corruption

The sudden and unfortunate death of J. Jayalalitha has created a sort of jackpot moment for Sasikala and her family members. Apart from Sasikala, the Mannargudi mafia (the family of Sasikala) were away from AIADMK and Tamil Nadu politics because of the punishment that Jayalalitha had given to them. She had severed all relations with this insanely corrupt family. The death of Jayalalitha had given a sort of jackpot to this family. Sasikala who is now going to the jail and will never be able to become the CM, has decided to induct another of her family member into the party.

Fortunately, one of them has now been punished for benami property and FEMA violations by the Madras High Court. He is TTV Dinakaran (or, Dhinakaran). In a sudden turn of events, TTV has now been made the Deputy General Secretary of the Party. No one is willing to ask that why Sasikala who is still taking name of Jayalalitha as her inspiration gave such a huge responsibility of this man who was thrown out of the party by the same Jayalalitha.

Profile of TTV Dinakaran

TTV Dinakaran is the son of Vanithamani, the sister of Sasikala. When Sasikala befriended late Amma, all of three sons of Vanithamani started to get lime light. They are known as TTV brothers – Dinakaran, Bhaskaran and Sudhakaran. It should be noted that Sudhakaran was the foster son of Jayalalitha whose marriage had created a national uproar against corruption and nepotism. Sudhakaran was soon to be disowned by Jayalalitha. However, that doesn’t mean the power and influence of these brothers got reduced. Dinakaran remained close to Jayalalitha and was even sent to the Rajya Sabha.

The Madras High Court has confirmed the whopping penalty imposed on TTV Dinakaran by ED. He will be required to pay Rs. 25 Crores in coming weeks.

Wife of TTV Dinakaran

TTV Dinakaran is married to D. Anuradha. He has used the name of his wife to open and run many ghost companies through which he used to have his corrupt practices. Hopefully, the people of Tamil Nadu will not forgive Dinakaran or any member of Mannargudi mafia.


  1. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Yes. Surely . People of Tamilnadu MUST NOT forget and forgive such people .

    1. Anonymous5:25 AM

      hi all, I will forget and forgive...

  2. Photos of divagaran not of TTV thinagaran

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    This shows Sasikalas true intentions. Even after being convicted, she wants to rule by Proxy. She is treating the common Tamilian voters like Sh!t.