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Caste of Edapaddi Palanisamy

Edapaddi K. Palanisamy is all set to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The Supreme Court decision against Sasikala in the DA case has created a state of political havoc in Tamil Nadu. Sasikala riding on the support of majority of MLAs has nominated Palaniswami as the leader of the Assembly. OPS may not be able to prove his majority on the floor of the house, if given a chance.

Caste of K. Palaniswami

Palaniswami who is considered a powerful leader of Salem is also a trusted ally of both late Jayalalitha and Sasikala. He was seen many times laying down on the feet of Jayalalitha showing that this powerful man who has amassed crores of Rupees can go to any length when it comes to ‘buttering’.

Many people are also wondering about the caste of Palaniswami. Actually, his caste was one reason why Sasikala has selected her. It is expected to make AIADMK even stronger.

Palaniswami belongs to Kongu Vellalar caste, one of the most numerically powerful castes of Tamil Nadu. Kongu Vellalar is also sometimes referred to as Gounder. Interestingly, Palaniswami’s father used to suffix Gounder in his name. However, Palaniswami doesn’t use his caste name with his name.

It should be noted that Kongu Vellalar used to be bracketed under Forward Caste after independence. And hence, they were not able to get any sort of reservation. However, riding on the numerical strength they have in the Western region of Tamil Nadu, they successfully convinced the ruling dispensation to recognize them as backward caste. They were recognized to be so in 1975 and since then this numerically and financially strong community is enjoying reservation.