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Deepa Jayakumar: Hindu or Christian?

RSS ideologue and keen observer of Tamil Nadu politics S Gurumurthy made an interesting revelation about the contemporary political situation of the state. He says that AIADMK stands between Deep Sea and Devil – what a fall for such a mighty party! He is referring about Sasikala as Deep Sea and Deepa Jayakumar as Devil. Sasikal is all set to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Deepa is going to launch a new party as Sasikala blocked all of her attempt to get an entry into the AIADMK. She has strong physical resemblance with Jayalalitha and eyeing emotional support of AIADMK fans.

True Religion of Deepa Jayakumar

There lies another interesting perspective about Deepa Jayakumar. That is her intention to not reveal anything about her personal life. All she wants to talk about her blood relation with Jayalalitha. She remains silent about her husband Madhavan.
In fact, many people believe that Deepa is planted by Church in the Tamil Nadu politics with not-so-pious intention.

There are umpteen indications to have an idea about Deepa’s religion. Veteran journalist J. Gopalakrishan says that the real name of Deepa is Deepa Patrick, not Deepa Jayakumar. She is using the surname of her husband after marriage which is a standard practice.

Deepa got married to Madhavan in London. Little is known about Madhavan. It is very much possible that Madhavan is a Christian and he might have convinced Deepa to adopt Christianity.

You might have noticed that Deepa doesn’t use Bindi which was a trademark of Jayalalitha. That is a very small, but powerful revelation about her religion. Further, she never says anything about the family of her husband. You will find no information on the public domain. Everything is being kept under the wrap and there is an attempt to convince gullible AIADMK supporter to become a follower of Deepa. She is also not erudite which is manifested in some of her TV interviews.

In all probability, Deepa is not a Hindu. She is a Christian. There is nothing wrong here. However, Deepa must disclose this information to the public if she wants to get them follow her.