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Dr. Lekshmi Nair: Profile, Husband, Son and Wiki

Lekshmi Nair (also, Lakshmi Nair) used to be one of the most popular persons in Kerala in the arena of education. She was the principal of prestigious Kerala Law Academy for last eight years. However, since last few days, she was in news for wrong reasons. An unfortunate suicide by an Engineering student because of ill treatment by his college made Keralite aggrieved. Suddenly, some students of Kerala Law Academy started to come forward to share the ongoing harassment students have to bear at this institute. It was quite shocking to see the other face of Lekshmi Nair. She can’t be termed as a teacher. Rather it is better to call her a celebrity monster out there to suck blood of gullible youngsters. 

The protests against her were supported by Congress and the BJP. Lekshmi Nair is close to the ruling CPM and hence police was asked to ruthlessly beat anyone demanding the removal of her. In fact, the Vice President of the BJP had lost one eye because of shrapnel fired by the Kerala Police. Lekshmi Nair has now been removed, but it is terrible to see that the Police is trying to kill protesters in a democracy.

BJP Leader Vava: Injured in the protest against Lekshmi Nair

Profile of Lekshmi Nair

Lekshmi Nair is a highly educated girl. She is the daughter of N Narayanan Nair, who is a CPM supporter and also the director of Kerala Law Academy. The list of educational degrees that Lekshmi Nair holds is large and immaterial to name them here. One wonders whether she has really got those degrees by legit means.

Lakshmi Nair is also a famous chef. She had worked in Arab Countries also as a restaurant consultant.

Apart from that, Lakshmi Nair has also worked with DD News as News Reader. She has also experiencing of anchoring reality show.

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Husband and Son of Lekshmi Nair

Lekshmi is married to Advocate Ajay Krishnan Nair. The couple has one daughter and a son. Her daughter Parvathy Nair is married to Dr. Ashwin. Her son Vishnu Nair is going to be married soon. In fact, he is going to marry a girl who is currently studying in the Kerala Law Academy. Lekshmi Nair used to give very good internal marks to her.

Lekshmi Nair had installed camera in the women hostel. She used to keep a watch on every activity of all girl students violating their privacy.