Educational Qualification of Sasikala

V K Sasikala, or Sasikala Natarajan was all set to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, but Supreme Court judgement has shattered everything for her. It is widely believed that she is quite a hated figure among hard core AIADMK supporters/cadres. But, the way she has successfully managed to retain the support of almost all MLAs after O Paneerselvam open revolt is quite surprising. One reason may be the fact that she was instrumental in selecting candidates for last Assembly Elections and hence majority of MLAs are following her. Others are fearing losing the membership of Tamil Nadu Assembly because of the Anti Defection Law.

Amidst all this confusion and high decibel political drama, there lies a valid question. That is Sasikala qualified to become the CM of Tamil Nadu.

Educational Qualification of V K Sasikala

Sasikala was born in a lower middle class family in Thiruthuraipoondi. Her family later shifted to Mannargudi. Sasikala was admitted to the local primary school. She was never a good student and was notorious for bunking classes. It was quite tough for her to pass annual school examination. Somehow, she reached to the standard VIII, but decided to call it a day. She didn’t study anymore. Yes, Sasikala is a school dropout.
Her life changed when she get in touch with M. Natarajan with whom she later got married. As widely known, she started a video renting business and somehow get in touch with J. Jayalalitha with the help of an IAS officer (Natarajan was PRO of that officer). Slowly and steadily she became a shadow of Jayalalitha and now going to get into her shoes as the CM of Tamil Nadu.

So, a school dropout is going to become the real head of state of one of the most developed states of India. Tamilians are known for giving too much importance to higher education, but they are going to bear with a lady with no educational qualification. 

But wait... The last time when Tamil Nadu had a graduate Chief Minister was 50 years ago - M. Annadurai. Hence, it may be not be reject Sasikala just on the basis of her educational qualification.

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