M. Natarajan, Sasikala Husband: Profile, Age, Wiki, Daughter and Son

M. Natarajan has again become a center point of attraction in the Tamil Nadu politics. He is widely regarded as a shrewd person who meticulously planned everything long ago. There may not be any foul play in the death of Jayalalitha, but also there is no denying that M. Natarajan ensured that Sasikala will lead the party and the Government at some point of time. Jayalalitha had even once got a hit of his intention and had immediately thrown every Mannargudi family out of Poes Garden. Sasikala somehow convinced Jayalalitha that she is going to break all relations with Natarajan and hence Jayalalitha had allowed her to come back. The turn of events after the demise of Jayalalitha clearly show that Sasikala never got away from Natarajan and remained a sort of puppet playing to the tune of her husband.

Profile of M. Natarajan

M. Natarajan belongs to a very humble family. Neither his family was rich, nor do they have any political connections. His father was a marginal farmer. It was Natarajan who started the political journey of the family when he took part in the anti-Hindi agitation. Karunanidhi got impressed from him and give him a Grade 3 job. While working under an IAS officer, Natarajan somehow managed to bring his wife Sasikala closer to Jayalalitha. Since then, there is no looking back for all of his family members.

M. Natarajan was also put to jail by AIADMK. His house was raided in 1989. He was publicly thrashed by AIADMK supporters. But, he faced all these things silently. He was aware of the fact that losing temper can hinder his long term plan of usurping power of Tamil Nadu.

Apart from this, it should be noted that Natarajan was the man who brought together two factions of AIADMK – one led by MGR wife Janki and the other by Jayalalitha.

Children of M. Natarajan

Natarajan and Sasikala have no children. It is mentioned at many places that the couple has one daughter. But, that is not true. They are childless.


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