Sofia Ashraf, Tamil Rapper: Profile, Wiki, Age and Boyfriend

Sofia Ashraf is a young and beautiful Tamil singer and rapper. Unlike other rappers of this generation, Sofia is using her popularity and stardom for some causes of society. She has always tried to make general masses aware of impending social and environmental issues through her performances. For example, her novel attempt to ignite people against Dow Chemicals drew wide appreciation. It should be noted that Dow Chemicals, an American Company has bought Union Carbide which was responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy leading to death of thousands of people.

Sofia is again in news this time for her rap song against none other than Sasikala, the designated Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. There is no denying that Sasikala has usurped power of AIADMK after the unfortunate demise of Jayalalitha.

Profile of Sofia Ashraf

Sofia Ashraf was born in 1987 in Chennai in an orthodox Muslim family. Her initial education was as per sharia, which later turned into Convent education. After schooling, she took admission in Stella Maris College, Chennai from where she had completed Graphic Design Course. During her college days, Ashraf started to take part in extra curriculur activities. She became quite famous for her singing ability. Her performance on the stage wearing a hijab and questioning the people around the world for their attitude towards Muslim post 9/11 got wide recognition. A Tamil news channel referred to her as ‘The Burqa Rapper’ at that time.

Ashraf joined Ogilvy and Mather (O&M) as a Creative Supervisor. She continued to work on stage as a rapper apart from giving her time to this advertising giant. In fact, the executive chairman of O&M Mr. Piyush Pandey was quite impressed with her ability. When she resigned, Pandey personally tried to persuade her to continue working for the firm, but she refused. She wanted to concentrate wholly for her career as a rapper.

Boyfriend of Sofia Ashraf

The age of Sofia Ashraf is now 29 years. Naturally, people want to know more and more about her personal life. Unfortunately, we could not find any information about her relationship status. If you know something about her relationship status, please leave a comment for future readers.


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