Swati Singh, BJP: Profile, Family, Education and Bio

Swati Singh who was just a home maker few months back is now the President of the Women’s Wing Uttar Pradesh BJP. She had made people to notice her when her husband Daya Shankar Singh made a mistake of abusing Mayawati. Daya Shankar was suspended from the party. All prominent BJP leaders apologized. Even Daya Shankar Singh also expressed regret about his remarks. The matter should have been closed there. But, some big BSP leaders took it to a different direction. They started to abuse the daughter of Daya Shankar. There was rape threat against that teen girl. Swati Singh, being the mother, couldn’t see all this drama going around in the name of her teen daughter. She roared and presented some facts which even made Mayawati to take back seat.

Recognizing her popularity among women’s of Uttar Pradesh, the BJP first inducted her into the party, gave her a position and now asked her to fight from a seat which had never been won by it.

Profile of Swati Singh

Swati Singh is born and brought up in Lucknow. She belongs to a Rajput/Thakur family. Nothing is known about her personal life before marriage as she was just a normal girl. Even after marriage, she never took any interest in politics. She was completely involved in managing her home and rearing her two children – both minor.
It was sloganeering by BSP leaders before her home that changed her mind. They were shouting – Dayashankar Singh Apni Beti Pesh Karo, Pesh Karo and Dayashankar Singh Apni Biwi Pesh Karo, Pesh Karo. Nothing can be more heinous by this open threat on the life a minor girl and a home maker woman. The fight was between Daya Shankar Singh and Mayawati. The law was taking its course then why the hell those people tried to bring minor girl into fight. When Swati started to reply, everyone took notice of her. Within three days, she had become a beacon of hope for women and children of Uttar Pradesh living under constant fear because of the prevailing law and order situation.

Now, Swati Singh is going to fight election from Sarojini Nagar Seat of Lucknow. This is undoubtedly a tough fight as the seat has never been a fort of the BJP. It is also an opportunity for Swati Singh to make history. And, seeing the quantum of support she is getting, particularly from women of all castes and religions, she may make history.

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  1. One day Swati Singh will occupy very powerful post. She is very honest and intelligent.