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Did Sharddha Kapoor Insult Islam?

An image of Shraddha Kapoor has gone viral over the social media where she is seen standing over a pious word of Islam. The picture is demeaning and intended to hurt the sentiments of Muslims. Obviously, this picture led to widespread protests among Muslims. Islam is the most violent religion and it was natural to see Muslims going berserk over this image. Only few days before, Muslim bigots had created ruckus in Bengal and killed an innocent Hindu just because of a Facebook post of a minor Hindu boy. Muslims are coward and their reaction to Shraddha Kapoor image shows the same.

Following is the image of Shraddha Kapoor for which this drama is being created.

However, the main question is about authenticity of this image. Why on Earth Shraddha is standing on that pious symbol of Islam? And, more importantly, who the hell had printed that where people are support to walk around?

If you try to find answers of these two questions, you will instantly know the truth.
The image is actually fake one. Following is the real image which is three years old and taken when Shraddha had gone to attend a party.

Now, you see the truth. The question is who did this? Muslims are asking for death of Shraddha Kapoor. They should have first asked for the person who printed the image on the floor. Obviously, no one had printed that. Who did this? Who morphed the image of Shraddha Kapoor? The answer is not easy to find. It can be the handiwork of Hindus, or even Muslims. If you talk about probability, then it can be handiwork of Muslims. Hindus won’t do this simply because of the targeted person. They are not supposed to create a storm for a Hindu girl who had never showed any hate towards Hinduism. It is now a fashion in Bollywood to abuse Hindu symbols and become secular. Sharddha doesn’t belong to that group.

It is also possible that some idiot sitting in Pakistan could have morphed the image. The intention can be to instigate riot in India. 


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