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Aditi Nagpaul, Mumbai: Profile, Stalker and Details

Stalking is becoming a part of daily life for many youths in India. Delhi and surrounding areas are known for a place being highly unsafe for women, especially in night. Mumbai was hitherto considered safe even for a girl roaming around city all alone. That may take a backseat, if we look at some incidents which happened there.

Aditi Nagpaul is the latest victim of stalking in Mumbai. When the nation was boiling over the case of Vernika Kundu of Chandigarh, this episode of Aditi shocked people. Like Vernika, Aditi also took her Facebook profile to post what exactly happened. She had also, like Vernika, filed a police complaint.

Aditi said that she was residing in Mumbai for around 10 years and she had never faced any type of problems related to eve teasing or stalking. But, on the night of 7th March, Rakhi Day, she was followed by a guy for half an hour. The same guy showed amazing guts to enter her apartment by making security guards fool and forced his entry to her flat. She scolded the psycho idiot who left the spot. However, he continued to do roam around the apartment. Aditi again talked to her in a furious way.

Fortunately, the Mumbai Police tackled the case in a very professional manner. They caught the culprit very soon and paraded him before the media.

The culprit is an IT profession, a senior software engineer. It is quite shocking. The guy at Chandigarh was high on the power of money and political approach. But, here the stalker was a well – educated person working as a software engineer in an MNC.

The stalker had never met Aditi, that is also quite shocking.

The Mumbai Police is still trying to know exactly why he was following Aditi. It should be noted that Aditi was not alone in the car. Her two kids and another women were also there. That also doesn’t the idiot.

Profile of Aditi Nagpaul

Aditi is a fashion designer working in Mumbai. She is a burgeoning designer and of late getting lots of high profile projects and contacts. She is basically from Dehradun.

Unfortunately, there is little information about the personal life of Aditi available on the public forum. We only know that she is a divorcee and living with her two kids in Mumbai.