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Kedar Rai, Danapur: Profile, Family and Murder

There is an old adage that if you live by bullets, you need to be ready to leave this planet by bullet. We have seen many examples of powerful criminals and land sharks getting down because of bullet. The latest in the series is Kedar Rai, a powerful RJD leader of Danapur/Patna. He was gunned down by three assailants on the morning of 10th August. He was taking a morning walk, a regular exercise for him, when assailants came on a motor bike and sprayed bullets on his body. He was instantly taken to the hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Wiki and Bio of Kedar Rai

Kedar Rai was born and brought up in Danapur, an adjacent town near Patna. His father Shivratan Singh was a humble farmer. The astronomical and sudden rise in the land rate of Danapur made this family quite rich as they have large swathes of land.

Kedar Rai was always an ambitious person. He wanted to become an MLA and hence he had joined RJD. However, he couldn’t spread his wings in the political world because of the presence of Rit Lal Yadav, the terror of Danapur. Kedar remained bracketed in his own enclave and had become a Ward Councilor from Ward Number 15. In the last election that happened in 2017, Kedar had won for fifth consecutive term. His election was also little bit controversial as the rival candidate had alleged the existence of fake voters.

Apart from Kedar Rai, his wife is also a Ward Councilor from the adjoining Ward 16. The family is quite influential in this area. They are only second to Rit Lal Yadav, who is languishing in jail for long.

The home of Kedar Rai is just behind the palatial Gaushala of Lalu Yadav in Danapur.

Family of Kedar Rai

Paras Rai is the name of the elder brother of Kedar. It is Paras who had filed the FIR against some unknown persons.

Kedar Rai has one son who is currently a doctor at the prestigious PMCH Hospital. His son has always been considered a very intelligent student. Kedar had ensured to keep him away from his politics. He is also a very good doctor and remained available to needy and poor patients throughout the day.