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Ragini Dubey, Balia: Profile, Bio, Boyfriend and Murder

Ragini Dubey, a brilliant and promising student of class XII, has been brutally killed by a teenager. Her crime was to scold the guy against stalking and eve teasing.

When Babul Supriyo, a shameless Union Minister to the Government of India, says that stalking and ‘going after girls’ is a normal thing, he should be aware of this barbaric murder. These are happening because as a society we are not giving any respect to women, not at home or outside.
No means NOooooo… When will Indian youths learn this simple stuff?

The Murder of Ragini Dubey

Ragini Dubey was going to her school by her bicycle. Her younger sister Siya Dubey was also with her. When they approached the main road, few guys stalked and eve teased them. Ragini protested, as she should do. The guy, who is the son of the Pradhan of the village, attacked her with knife. In fact, they were prepared to kill Ragini if she will not reply in affirmation. They also tried to kill Siya, who fled from the scene shouting for help and entered a home. Killers ran away instantly. Ragini died when she was being taken to the hospital.

Profile of Ragini Dubey

Ragini Dubey was born in 2000 in Bajhan village of Balia district. She was a very good student. Her father, Mr. Jitendra Dubey, used to dream of her becoming an officer. She was studying in Class XII in a public school. Her younger sister Siya was also in the same school.

Prince Tiwari, the son of Village Pradhan, had a crush on Ragini. He used to follow her. He used to tease her. He had made many proposals to her. Ragini had always refused her proposals. Initially, she used to handle it all alone. But, later she had to tell her parents who in turn complained the Pradhan, Kripa Shankar Tiwari.

Prince Tiwari

Ragini had to skip school for around two weeks to keep herself away from Prince.

It is, indeed, a very sad incident. It is also an indictment to Anti Romeo Squad. What this so called squad was doing when Ragini was getting stalked on the road?

This incident should also be eye opener for parents. Rather than complaining to the family of the stalker, they should directly report the incident to the police.

And, as a society, we need to learn how to give proper upbringing to our sons.