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Radhika Merchant: Father, Mother, Sister and Family

Radhika Merchant has become a household name in India because of some startling revelation about her personal life. A candid photograph of her with Anant Ambani in jolly mood has gone viral over the social media. Initially, it was claimed that they have already got engaged.

As things stand, Radhika and Anant are not engaged. But, they are definitely dating. They are couple. And, seeing the history of Ambani family, they may finally get engaged.

And, there comes the uncertainty about the exact identity of Radhika. Who is she?

We all know that both of Anant’s siblings went for their partners belonging to business families. The same apply here also.

Father of Radhika Merchant

Radhika is the daughter of Viren Ajitkumar Merchant. He is a successful businessman with dexterity in export – import of mercantile. He also shares old relationship with Ambani family.

In recent time, Viren is concentrating on healthcare business. He founded Encore Healthcare services in 2002. His wife and daughters are directors of this company, among others.

Mother of Radhika Merchant

Shaila Merchant is the mother of Radhika Merchant. She is also director of many firms, including Encore Healthcare.

Sister of Radhika Merchant

Radhika has one sister named Anjali Merchant. Needless to say, like Radhika she also holds a managerial position in the Encore Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


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