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Kulsoom Nawaz is DEAD: Confirm NEWS

Kulsoom Nawaz is said to be out of coma now. The predicament of this lady seems to be going away.

Kulsoom was in coma for more than a month. Doctors had said to let her die peacefully. But, the family wanted to support her. They were also eyeing 25th July General Election. PML –N hoped to leverage on the sympathy that will create because of the sorry state of the wife of its Supreme leader. Eventually, the cadres were also hoping that she will die just before the election.

Kulsoom was kept on ventilator support. The family was planning to ask doctor to remove ventilator just before the election. However, the sentence of Nawaz and Marayam came quite unexpected. Entire plan of creating a sympathy around Kulsoom failed.

It is also possible that the news about Kulsoom opening her eyes are fake. The family desperately wants to get Nawaz and Marayam out of Pakistan. The duo doesn’t want to remain incarcerated under the new dispensation of Imran Khan. They fear that IK may even go to the extent of hanging Nawaz Sharif following the pressure of ISI and Pakistani Army.

So, is Kulsoom alive? Some sources from London are still clear that she is already dead – technically. She is still on ventilation. She may be used to get Nawaz and Marayam out of Pakistan.


  1. Anonymous3:31 AM

    What a crock of crap. News has become Fiction. Any old propoganda tripe that can be spun seems to get spun. No respect or honour left in the media industry.

  2. Shame on the one who has written such news .Its horrendous the way you have described that they would use ms.kulsoom nawaz condition as an opportunity to grab votes.How are you so sure?.Absolutely ridiculous.

    1. Rameel khan thats the truth. I think you don't know that if a person doesn't wake up in 48 hours on ventilator, it means that the person is dead.

    2. Anonymous2:24 AM

      Yes its true.. She is no more... But they cant keep the body on ventilator for long time.

    3. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Dear medically if heart is working doctors can not remove the ventilator even patient is with brain death.Think about the family how they are suffering for pain.To lose our loves one is not easy.....Allah pak khair kare.ameen.

  3. ALLAH AZAWAJAL finish all of Sharif Family one by one and make them example for the whole world. Because they deserve for this. Hundred of thousands people are dying. Thousands of mother's kids died in their hands because of these shit peoples.

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Shame on you for spreading this kind of propaganda.would you do the same if your loved one was going through this

    1. What is so special about this woman?, have you forgotten the pregnant women shot on their faces?, the three innocent girls died helplessly in desert of PAKISTAN recently?. She is/was seems to be a criminal as well. Why?, because she sided her corrupt family while they were committing the crime. She kept quite. I hope that I am wrong and pray that she is like the wife of Firaun. who asked Allah to give me a house in Jannah and protect me from the FITNA of Firaun. But she was Hazrat Aasiya, no one else like her came after that.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. یہ خبر ہضم ہونے والی نہیں ہے ۔ اور جھوٹی خبر پر اتنی محنت کرنے سے بہتر ہے کوئی اچھا سا موضوع ڈھونڈ کر اس پر لگاتار لکھو ، لیکن اچھا لکھو ، سچا لکھو۔

  7. Yes it might be possible because every thing can be expected from Nawaz qadiyani to get sympathy votes.

  8. Sharif naehal family is a load of scum anything and everything can be expected of these low lives.

  9. Anonymous11:07 AM

    We are not in position to comment on this news. Our first part is may Allah bless her with health as she is a nice lady and a mother. And mothers respect is common to all.
    On the other hand if everything happens in the same way as stated in the news then it is also a shameful act to use family illness to gain sympathy votes.
    Wait and see.

  10. Shaukat11:38 PM

    Its true and they just want to use the coffin for political benefits, It looks very odd but time will prove.

  11. Those who are so perturbed about this news, just think for a while and tell "Are these Sarifs not capable of drooping down to the lowest ebb of humanity?", of course they are and they have bee accomplishing such eats all their lives just for political and financial benefits. Shame on Sharifs for being so inhumane.

  12. Anonymous1:24 PM

    No one knows the reality. Everyone is talking that it may be possible. No one is here who have any proof or a certain news of her death. On one side as per your so called allegation that her brain is dead. But have some of the argans are still alive. What it means? She is dead or alive? Brain dead? Many organs are dead. What many organs are dead? Mean somewhere she is alive. If she is alive. Why a prime minister would let her die if he can take her alive for ever few seconds? If anyone have any proof then kindly upload her medical reports. Everyone is talking like that as they are the doctor of such hospital.
    Without any confirmation, no one have any right to accuse anyone. Bloody rascals.

  13. يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِن جَاءَكُمْ فَاسِقٌ بِنَبَإٍ فَتَبَيَّنُوا أَن تُصِيبُوا قَوْمًا بِجَهَالَةٍ فَتُصْبِحُوا عَلَىٰ مَا فَعَلْتُمْ نَادِمِينَ - 49:6
    Holy Quran says when a news come to you, get confirmation rather you harm some one by spreading and later on you yourself become sorrow for spreading a wrong news. Sura Hujrat


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