Shocking Cut Off of JPSC 6th Civil Service Examination

Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) has declared preliminary result for 6th Combined State Civil Services Examination. Around five thousand candidates have got qualified. Before declaring the result, JPSC had put up the final answer sheet of preliminary questions after considering representation it got from candidates. There were some obvious mistake in the final answer sheet provided by the Commission which had made candidate infuriated.

But, the real shock was the cut off.

Cut Off of JPSC 6th Civil Services Examination

As per the information provided by the Commission, the cut off for General Category candidate is 105. And, hold your breath, the cut off for BC1 is 116 and BC2 is 132.
This cut off has shocked even those who want some modification in the current reservation system.

How come the cut off General candidate be so low?

The difference is really huge and it has naturally raised eyebrows.

OBC is a very strong community and naturally they are seeing it as a ploy by Raghubar Das Government to cut their representation in the state administration. However, it should be noted that General category list also contains candidates belonging to OBC.
There can be only on justification for this seemingly ridiculous result. That JPSC has used a different methodology for Preliminary examination. This mechanism has also been used by IBPS in its first stage examination.

In any case, candidates who couldn’t sail through are going to fight this in the High Court. However, it is very unlikely that High Court will intervene at this stage.

It should be noted that few days back JSSC had cancelled the preliminary result of CGL where around ten thousand candidates were waiting for their main examination. An inefficient government in Jharkhand seems to have decided to ruin the career of students belong to Jharkhand.