Pradeep Mahto, Warisaliganj: Profile and Wiki

Pradeep Mahto is a JDU leader, former MLA of Warisaliganj and with lots of criminal cases, including murders and kidnapping.

He stole the limelight in 2005 when Nitish Kumar personally gave him the ticket. It shocked many because of Pradeep’s background. He was a criminal and pitted against another don Akhilesh Singh. He was also named in lots of murders and massacres. Only recently, he was named in the murder of Pappu Mahto.

Warisaliganj is a Bhumihar and Kurmi dominated constituency. Pradeep Mahto is a Kurmi while Akhilesh Singh is a Bhumihar. In the Bihar Assembly Election, 2015, Aruna Devi of the BJP - wife of Akhilesh Singh - defeated Pradeep Mahto by heavy margin. Pradeep Mahto couldn't hold even his strong areas during a rather wave election.

Ashok Mahto

Pradeep Mahto was considered the right hand of Ashok Mahto, the leader of the Kurmi-Yadav gang. When Ashok Mahto was captured and sent to jail, he became the leader. Eventually, he came close to Kaushal Yadav who recommended his name to Nitish Kumar.

Pradeep Mahto has completed 10 years in the assembly. However, if you visit Warisaliganj constituency, you will be surprised to note that there is not a modicum of development work going on. The condition of the road is pathetic. Schools are in dismal condition. Vast area of the constituency is still to see electricity.

But, that is not a matter of concern for Pradeep Mahto. He knows that the people will again vote on caste line. They will not see that the person has not done an iota of development work, even in those villages which are dominated by Kurmi and Yadav. Similar is the case of previous MLA Aruna Devi, wife of Akhilesh Singh. Her term was also disastrous. But, bhumihars are not concerned about that.

We would like to appeal the voters of Warisaliganj to stop looking for their caste men. Rather start to vote for the person who has potential to change the face of the constituency. 


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