Sarvapisti: Miracle Cancer Medicine

D. S. Research Center, Varanasi has produced an ayurvedic medicine for cancer, namely Sarvapisti. There are many cancer patients who have taken this medicine. 

And, according to one estimate, hundreds of patients are completely cured.

There is no clinical data about the cancer stages of these patients. As we know, cancer can be cured in the primary stage, or at benign stage. It becomes a herculean task to treat cancer in the malignant stage. However, D S Research Center claims that its medicine can cure cancer even in the malignant stage.

Further, the institute doesn’t give any data about the type of cancer that can be cured through its medicine. I highly doubt that it can cure brain cancer (especially Glioblastoma Multiforme).

The treatment cost of Cancer

There is no denying that the treatment for cancer in the conventional medicine is quite costly. It is not possible for poor people to get complete treatment like surgery, 
radiation therapy and chemotherapy even from Tata Memorial Hospital or AIIMS. The cost is astronomical even in these government run and highly subsidized hospital. If a person is not able to get treatment from convention medicine because of cost issue, then he must go to institutes like D S Research Center. Otherwise, I would advise to first consult the conventional centers before going here, or any other alternative options.

Conquering Brain Tumor

I have mentioned above that I really doubt that this institute can treat cancer. However, recently I read an article in a popular ayurvedic magazine, Nirogdham.

In this magazine, the author introduced a person named Mr. Sanjay Srivastava or Lucknow. Mr. Srivastava was suffering from brain cancer (the stages and grade isn’t given in the article).

After going through surgery, radiotherapy and two cycles of chemotherapy, Mr. Sanjay decided to consult D S Research Center. And, currently he is free from every traces of brain cancer.

The author has given all details about the research center. However, no medicinal values are added in the article.

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