Son of Dr. Utpal Kant: A Murderer's Profile

There is no denying that Dr. Utpal Kant is the best pediatrician of North India. He practiced in Patna, but has popularity throughout Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, UP, MP and Uttarakhand. You may wonder how a doctor can correctly diagnose any disease of a child in just five seconds. Yes, that is the amount of time he takes to properly diagnose the problem. You will never complain about the doctor giving such a short amount of time. Because your child will be perfectly find. Dr. Utpal Kant is giving happiness to parents by curing their children, but his own son Congress MLA Siddharth Singh is bringing pain for him. 

Son of Dr. Utpalkant Singh

However, there is also a sad part of the story of Dr. Utpal Kant Singh. His son Siddharth Singh was in jail for long. He was convicted for murdering his friend Abhishek Kumar. Now, Siddharth Singh has become an MLA on a Congress ticket. He won by huge margin from Bikram which was considered a safe seat for the BJP.

Siddharth was only 15 when he shot at Abhishek. At that time, Abhishek was taking tuition class. He called him outside and shot him.

This incident happened in 1998. It is considered as one of the most sensational murders of Patna. It is because of the personality involved. Abhishek grandfather was the Supreme Court Judge. And, his father is a well known surgeon of Patna. The family is running a highly successful hospital in Patna, named Shahi Hospital.

Abhishek father Dr. Ajit and Siddharth father Dr. Utpalkant were close friends. So were their sons. However, a girl came between them. Siddharth asked Abhishek to quit the girl because he was also attracted towards her. Abhishek refused. And, the result was this unfortunate event.

Siddharth also fought 2010 Bihar Assembly Election from Bikram on LJP ticket. However, he badly lost this election. This time he got what he was desiring for long. People are saying that after becoming an MLA, Siddharth has successfully washed off his dark past. Or, but what about his behavior. Only recently, Siddharth Singh was accused of abducting a girl in Masaurhi. Dr. Utpal Kant is again using his strong network to save Siddharth Singh. FIR has been lodged and the investigation is going on. 

You may wonder how Siddharth can fight an election when he was convicted for murder. It was because of the juvenile law. The Supreme Court given consent to him fighting that election because when he murdered Abhishek, he was only 15 years old.

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  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    From what some of us know, Abhishek was rather debauched, and Siddharth got implicated as he just 'knew' about the plan but was not involved as such. The case was fabricated from top to bottom and no one knows who the real murderer was to this date. My mother was posted in Bihar at that point and she always said the case was fabricated.
    I work with juveniles and his case helped a lot of clients I work with.

    1. No I was in the same college.infact Siddharth was a known drug addict.Abhishek was a pretty decent fellow.Siddhart was fully involved in the plan .He paid another boy to commit the murder.

  2. Anonymous1:01 AM

    It is very sad that a murderer can become MLA. How can people vote a criminal. How can you expect some good to people from a criminal. Wah ri Bihar ki janta.

  3. Anonymous3:06 PM

    True Lies..was a hit those days..truth always a thing of scarcity as matter of fact in an age of Democratic ,social ,mordern & yes professionally korreckt society we live in ... its UGLY ....bttr under maintain civil society n not into chaos of Umbrella Corporation err..Armageddon...LoL. well jAi BiHaR..!!!

  4. I was Siddharth's classmate in college and I know all about this murder case.
    He was a spoilt brat and an drug addict.I am not surprised that he turned out to be a worse criminal now.

  5. Btw he was not 15 but 19 when this murder happned.Hir birth certificate was forged to show him as juvenile.