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Ruta 6 for Brain Tumor: Review based on personal experience

It is said that brain tumor is a ‘death on diagnosis’ disease. There is no way out. When one is diagnosed with this deadly disease, her premature departure is fixed. There is no treatment for brain tumor. There isn’t any in sight as far as conventional medicine is concerned.

Surgery, Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy (mainly Temozolomide) are the three main options available in the conventional medicine. However, when it is Glioblastoma Multiforme (Grade IV and highly aggressive brain tumor) nothing is going to work. The prognosis is quite poor even after spending lots of money and letting your patient going through these highly painful options. The possibility of side effects with RT and Chemo is also quite high.

My Personal Experience

My brother was diagnosed with Glioma Grade II brain tumor in 2010. The surgery was done in June, 2010 and later he successfully completed Radiation Therapy in October, 2010. Everything was fine after that until December, 2013. He had a sudden fall and was immediately advised to go for MRI. The MRI report shows recurrence. Lots of tests followed, including PET MRI which showed that his Grade II Glioma had become highly aggressive with five satellite tumors. His neurosurgeon was quite depressed with sudden turn of events and advised me to not look for any treatment options. He frankly told me that days are numbered for my brother. The tumor had become inoperable (it had become GBM, indeed). I requested him to suggest RT and Temozolomide to delay the inevitable. My brother underwent all these two treatment options at Medanta, Gurgaon. One month later, we again went to see the neurosurgeon and neuro oncologist. Both of them were shocked to see the status of the tumor. It was still increasing. Meanwhile, my brother had lost complete sense. He was not able to walk independently. He couldn’t remember anything, not even names of his daughters and wife.

After looking for some possible treatment options and seeing lots of survival in India, I decided to fix an appointment with Dr. Pratip Banerji in Kolkata. I went there with all my reports. He got quite infuriated after seeing that I allowed chemotherapy. He bluntly told me to find a single patient in India with GBM who has survived for more than four years after going through all treatment options available in the conventional medicine. I couldn’t reply. He further told me to have treated lots of patients with his Ruta protocol.

It is actually known as Banerji Protocol for brain tumor. This Ruta 6 medicine was discovered by Dr. Prasanta Banerji, the father of Dr. Pratip Banerji, for brain tumor. It is quite cheap and doesn’t lead to any side effects. Further, it can completely cure Grade II and III brain tumors. There are no cases of complete treatment of GBM, but it has elongated the life of the patient with GBM (even more than five years). Further, it doesn’t lead to any side effects. It is quite cheap. One month medicine cost only Rs. 35 (less than one dollar).

I started Ruta 6 treatment for my brother. This is around two years now and he is ALIVE. I have to write here that he is alive because doctors at Medanta had told me that the prognosis is quite poor and he may not survive beyond three months in early 2014 (I am writing this in November, 2015).

The last two MRI have shown shrinking tumor.

We are still unable to manage the dexamethasone, the medicine prescribed to handle brain swelling. However, we are quite hopeful that he will survive for many more years.


  1. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Hi. Would like to get in touch regarding ruta tmt for my mother

  2. I have been following this website for more than 2 years now, admin kindly post and share this to give other brain tumor patients hope that they can get a cure.

    Three years ago I was diagnosed with GBM after a CAT scan. I went through neurosurgery, radiation, and 14 months of chemo treatments but the symptoms all remained and even doubled, the constant thundering headache, seizures was twice than it was before, i could no longer think straight and i had constant mood swing and trouble speaking i was almost feeling at the gate of hell because these symptoms were unbearable. I am retired but very active spending my time to make the world a better place. I retired from a career in law and non-profit administration, and judging from how active i was this new life was not working and i was patiently waiting for when i will give up the ghost. My husband never accepted the fact that he will lose me to the cold hands of death which was what made him to seek other treatment options and that was how he came across "elixir" a herbal medicine treatment which i took for 12 weeks and it gave me a second chance in life, gave me a new life and totally cured me of my cancer. My neurologist had told me before then while i was at the hospital that i had less than 4 months with the rate at which the tumor was growing and expanding. I am happy today because i am completely free of cancer because i have ran several tests and diagnosis because i am still in shock on the efficacy of elixir. Never give up hope or rely only on chemo or other surgical treatments because herbs work too, i never believed until now that i have experienced it. You can contact doctor Rahul personally for advise, counselling and how to get elixir on I am grateful for every day that I am still alive and well.


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