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Rahul Kumar, IAS Officer: Profile and Family

Rahul Kumar is an IAS officer of Bihar cadre. He got the limelight in the national media for his social initiatives as a DM of Gopalganj District.

Rahul Kumar, IAS

Rahul Kumar is from Patna. He appeared in the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2010 and secured a rank of 36. He is widely known for being a very hard working and studious student. He had appeared in the CSE with Literature and Hindi Language subjects. It should be mentioned here that the plan of UPSC Civil Services Examination has now changed and candidates are expected to select only one optional subject in the Mains Examination. It is considered tough to crack CSE with Hindi and securing good rank. Rahul has broken the myth for better.

Rahul is an OBC and hence through rooster system he got the first preference for cadre. He got his home state Bihar and currently determined to make some positive changes in the social life of the great land.

The Sage of Mid Day Meal in Gopalganj

Kalyanpur is a village in Gopalganj district. Here, five women are employed as a cook. A cook named Sunita Devi is a 36 year widow. She is quite poor and trying her best to educate her son through this earning. However, a superstition got into the blood of villagers because of some events in Kalyanpur. They thought that Sunita is the bad omen because she is a widow. They barred her from cooking food. This was not about loss of work and livelihood for the poor lady. It was about the stigma that she is a bad omen.

Sunita met Rahul Kumar, the DM of Gopalganj, in the Janta Darbar. Rahul heard her and assured support. Next week, Rahul went to Kalyanpur and asked Sunita to cook. While she was cooking, he took lessons to students of the school. Further, he talked to villagers in a very polite manner and then firmly told them to keep away these types of anti-social and inhuman practices. When Sunita completed cooking, he sat there and asked her to serve. She did the same thing and Rahul ate entire plate in front of the villagers.

This may seem to be a very small or minor incident. However, seeing it in the social set up of Gopalganj, it becomes quite important. By this stroke, Rahul tried to remove stigma attached to a widow.

Rahul is an aspiring poet and planning to write a book on Hindi poetry.

Needless to say, nation needs many IAS officers like Rahul Kumar. He is justifying the tag attached with an IAS Officer – the steel pillar of the nation.


  1. That's very nice sir and we are very thankful to you
    If i have a chance to meet you I am very obliged to you
    You r my role model

    Thanks and support to you sir

  2. dear sir,
    we are very thankful to you and really feeling proud for your work.I am from goplganj and I can't explain my feeling.

  3. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Everyone dreams. But, very few like you have the will and courage to transform your dreams into reality. I salute your hard work and vision that made you capable of handling a district and implementing the necessary reforms that one thinks of during preparation. Lot to learn from you!

  4. I really thank you god that you type of peopleare in our socity. I am also from gopalganj and think to do some social work for our people. Currently we are living in faridabad.
    Once again i really thanks for serving our people.god bless you.

  5. Its my honor .that you are my role model of gopalganj district.we are very thankful to you and really feeling proud for your smart work.I am from mirganj and I can't explain my feeling."I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination".god bless u sir.




  7. i am also from bihar and now i can say if every people follow u then bihar will become a very nice satat in india

  8. Sir, just open this link and see some one requested to your department for help but no one is taking restrict action this boy is also belongs to Bihar I think your department is wrost and blind.
    Please helped him. I know you are adorable person and nice person but in your department just open this link and see.


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