Sweta Singh and Sanket Kotkar

If you are regular visitor of Social Media websites like Twitter and Facebook, you will notice one thing. Indians continuously blame journalists about being biased. Some are supposed to be working for Congress, some for BJP and others for AAP and various regional parties. However, you will seldom find people labelling any tag to Sweta Singh, the senior journalist of Aaj Tak.

Sweta Singh is really the face of women journalism of India, as far as Hindi electronic media is concerned. She is quite beautiful and handles tough debates with ease without taking any partition position. She is representing aspires of modern Indian women.

Sweta Singh, Aaj Tak

Profile of Sweta Singh

Basically, Sweta Singh belongs to Patna, Bihar. She has done her entire education from Patna. After completing her education, she joined The Times of India, Patna edition. Very soon, she shifted her base to New Delhi and worked with various media organizations. However, the recognition for her came while working with the Living Media Group’s Aaj Tak. She has also responded this respect in a praiseworthy manner. She has got many offers from rival channels like ABP News and Zee News with fat paychecks, however, she has always refused and continued to be the women face of Aaj Tak group along with Anjana Om Kashyap.

Sweta Singh and Sanket Kotkar

As you might know, there are lots of speculations going around in the Internet world about the personal life of Sweta Singh. It is a pity that Sweta Singh never took pains to clarify her relationship status. However, we should always give her benefit of doubt and respect her privacy as far as personal life is concerned.

There are also lots of discussions going around about the husband of Sweta Singh. It is said that Sweta is married to Sanket Kotkar, who is from Maharashtra.

I tried to find any noteworthy article which can say something about this relationship in a credible manner. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. I am not sure whether Sanket is the husband of Sweta Singh or not. Though, there is a WikiPedia entry which claims the same thing.

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  1. She is the same female who discovered Nano Chips in the new INR.2000 notes during the demonetization?