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Nivedita Menon, JNU: Profile, Family and Husband

Nivedita Menon, a JNU professor, is another example of what is wrong with this University. Here is a professor who is supposed to teach students and inculcate values, but she is propagating hatred against India. She is openly saying that Jammu and Kashmir is under the Indian occupation. A professor in the name of 'freedom of speech' is hoping for breaking of the very 'Idea of India'.

She is the senior professor of Political Science in the JNU, the epicenter of Marxist and Maoists along with separatist forces of India.

Profile of Nivedita Menon

Apart from having very sick mentality as far as Hinduism and India is concerned, Nivedita is also known as a feminist and anti-nuclear activist. She has also written some completely biased and useless books.

Nivedita has never been a member of Arvind Kejriwal led AAP. However, she was in Varanasi to support Kejriwal before 16th Lok Sabha Election. She did door to door campaigning for Kejriwal for full two days. Describing her experience, she says in an article published in Kafila, that Arvind Kejriwal is going to win the election with clear majority.

And, Kejriwal lost the election by 3.72 lakhs votes. This is an example of her political understanding, the understanding of a Political Science professor of a so called premier university of India.

Following is the video where Nivedita is proclaiming that Kashmir is not part of India and an occupied territory of the country. 

Nivedita, in the following video, is teaching students that Hindus are most violent of all religious communities and considers Muslims quite peaceful. Without saying anything against Islam, which is a great religion, can one ask how Nivedita thinks that Hindus are so violent? Following video is from a class where Nivedita is brain washing students about Hindus. Please pay attention to what she is saying. Apart from malicious contents about Hindus, she is factually wrong, about Nagaland and there is one more factual error in this video - a lecture where she is teaching students. Now, you should know the academic credentials of this liberal professor.

And, people like Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep will continue to defend these anti national elements. Their only theme is 'freedom of expression'. They forget that even Jawahar Lal Nehru had once said that Freedom of Expression can’t be absolute. There must be some 'reasonable restriction'. And, when it comes to the integrity of the nation, you can’t have any freedom of expression. Nation always comes first.

Husband of Nivedita Menon

Again, there is no relevant information about the relationship status of Nivedita. According to a reader, Deepa Nair - she is a divorcee. Her brother Dileep Menon is a Professor of History in some University in South Africa. Nivedita was married to an IAAS Officer and got separated in 1980s. 


  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I think she is single , she looks more like a guy to me

    1. That must be the reason for separation and followed by frustration.

    2. Anonymous2:32 AM

      Spend one night with me in bed. Will release all the heat stored inside you, Nivedita. And thus you will be cooled down!!


  2. Anonymous6:31 AM

    A person like her is not only dangerous to this country but entire world. She should better be sent to Syria/Iraq/Libya to preach.

  3. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Then why she is holding a Hindu Name. She better convert to Islam and having a muslim name. She is a bloody anti national element in India. She should be put behind the bar.Shame on her. She should not be allowed to provide any lectureship in any university in all over India.

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    My friends in JNU hv told that she uses students like Kanhaiyya as sex toy.

  5. She is a divorcee. Her brother Dilip Menon is a history professor at Johannesburg . She separated from he's husband an IAAS officer in the eighties . Her father was a civil servant from the IAAS and retired as additional secretary in 1980.

  6. Dear Ms Nivedita Menon. ..I heard you are a professor of International Studies in JNU.... Right??? Before you go out and make a fool of yourself (otherwise you all make yourself full of knowledge personified ), I would humbly request you to get your facts correct. Have you read the UN Resolution on Kashmir which you all keep harping?? Please read for once... Please read so that you can teach what is the fact.... Please read so that you fully understand the first 2 steps or conditions before you jump to plebiscite. And one more thing..... faujis are not interested in your domestic problems. A madrasi fauji doesn't land up in kashmir or any problematic place, he is not dying to enjoy the kashmirI snow or cuisine... He is not interested in their affairs... He is there because you called him, because you couldn't keep your house in order.... because he is the only one who can save you...... next time when he is there... I would love you to accompany him with a bouquet of roses for your trouble makers for whom your heart so profusely bleeds.... let's see what happens.... do you have the guts to come????? Very easy to wear Kurt pyjama, hold a mike and speak whatever rubbish you want... but what can you do. ... you earn your living out of this art..... you have done this only all through your life..... but for once show us the power of your motor mouth... The power of your roses...power of your bleeding heart.... I swear the faujis will the happiest to that hell for a more loving and comfortable in the arms of his wife children and his family. So don't talk nonsense without knowing who is doing what........ BTW I am a fauji from Assam and I have seen both sides of the coin...have you ever been to such a place.... I am sure you have but not without your business class flight ticket with a five star hotel room, lecturing in an AC conference sipping your bisleri water...better still sippibg some costly champagne from French vineyard. ... see its so to speak...

  7. Dear Prof. Menon. Your claims are biased and incorrect. It seems you have not read the correct history and never bothered to collect true facts. What is the logic behind saying that Hindus are more violent? How many nations did Hindus have attacked and captured? How many people were forcibly converted from islam or christianity to hinduism? The answer is none and you know that. Let us talk about Islam, have you read history of India? Islam invaded India and demolished temples and culture(proof ram temple, somnath etc). A simple question to you Mam, who is culprit here? Later Britishers made us slave for almost 200 years, hope you know that? could you explain how come Hindus became violent in both the history periods? Well, let us talk about Kashmir, wiping out kashmiri pandits and sikh community from kashmir and then claiming that it is a muslim state , wow what a mockery of life and patience, peace. Mam, could you throw some light that how did hindus became violent in Kashmir? Mam, wat about S-6 boggie in Godhra, where people were burnt alive? what prooves it? Ms. Menon, you hail from Kerala and you are aware that living with hindu faith is difficult in Kerala whereas christians and muslims can purchase land but Hindus are second grade citizens? Mam which history claims that we hindus are violent? We were peaceful that's why we became slave for thousand of years. What about killing of Hindus, buddhists in pakistan and bangladesh? Do you have any answers to that? Why were you silent for so many years on kashmir? Why did not you wrote or agitated when kashmiri pandits and sikh were forced to leave kashmir and their womenfolk were made sexslaves by islamic terrorists. Mam are you so dumb that you can't even see that how hindus are on target by global forces? If that is the case you must retire from academics and politics too. You deserve a self-realization session.Please do not create haters in the society. There is a saying -you reap what you sow". be careful Mam , be conscious and aware of your karmas. You cannot escape from universe.

  8. How does her personal information matter? How is it legal or morally correct to put a woman's personal details on this website while all of you remain anonymous? You can only think of sex when you see a woman in public. You will find out the personal details of all women you don't agree with, publish them and harass them, but not reveal your own identities because you want to keep your careers and families safe. Cowards!

    1. What is your identity?

    2. Interesting that you should ask me but not the others who are using the name 'anonymous' on this website to abuse and slander. Go on, ask them.

    3. abhishek7:58 AM

      Whom are you telling Cowards...? ask your self first..saying others coward means you are not one of them..but actually you are one of the cowards supporting the lies.

    4. I think she is in search of an identity...Now that she has lost hher identity as a Hindu...n moreover Islam people are not bogus to keep a traitor amongst them...She is much likely in search of a new religion that will praise her..people like kanhaiya kumar...I don't know how after listening to niwedita...he din't change his name...he should keep his name as "raavan kumar" because kanhaiya suit them who does work like the name suggests

    5. Isko jnu mein rakha hi kyun hai?iski nagrikta chheen leni chahiye

  9. Dear Nivedta 'Menon', Let me remind you about the characteristic observed about the Nairs of Kerala by a Portuguese missionary leader named Alexo de Menazes in the earlier part of the 15th century. In his documentation about them, which consists of five sub-sects and as a whole known as Nairs, here Menezes was noted as they were the ethnic people of Kerala, with nobility and honesty as hallmark of this peculiar 'caste'. They usually work under Brahmin Nambhoothrie households, with unconditional devotion and respect offered for these priesthood class of people known prominently as Brahmins. But as a senior professor of Political Science in the JNU, she shouldn't have to give long lectures insulting very much the brahmins as much as Vedas and Hinduism. Shame upon you, comrade!---BNF-Cochin.

  10. Whoever wrote this "blog" is clearly an ignorant and hateful person. I respectfully request that readers of this think critically and not listen to what this "author" has written here. Please think for yourselves people instead of being afraid of a professor and hating someone whom you don't even know.

    1. Anonymous4:00 AM

      This Nivedita the Kulakshini.. i think her parents would feel disgust after getting her as their child...such an apposite person 4 the character of " RAKSHASHI" who want to destroy her own religion nd country without any cauz
      I think such ppl must be imprisoned...they r the stigma on our nation. And those who favour her mst recall her shameful deeds ...nd shame on those who supports such kind of ppl ...

  11. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Nivedita is a rebel without a cause...that's the problem.

  12. Anonymous4:10 AM

    She is from those whom entire lyf is waste she has nothing in front i mean no reason 2 live ...and as we all know the basic of this life "KHALI DIMAG SHAITAN KA GHAR" so i think this is the actual condition of her...she should better need 2 find some work as quickly as possible...thats the only advice i can such a illminded and obnoxious nd Eccentric 'lady'(oops ! sorry she is nt look like a lady...�� i take my word back) man*....

  13. every thing in a world should begin from themselves..she should give up her indian citizen if she dont like india and go live where she likes


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