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Satyan Gajwani: Profile, Wife and Family

Satyan Gajwani may not be a famous name in India today. But, there is no denying that his name will become synonyms with media mogul in future. The reason is his wife.
Satyan Gajwani is married to Trishla Jain, the daughter of Samir Jain.

Samir and Vineet Jain are brothers and managing The Times of India empire. They are simply termed as ‘Jain Brothers’ or ‘Jain Bandhu’. Trishla is the only child of Samir Jain, the elder brother. Vineet doesn’t have any children. It means the entire ToI group is going to be in the hand of Trishla, or Satyan Gajwani.

Obviously, Satyan has been involved in one of the most profitable love affair of India. But, the way he is handling Times Internet is a testimony of wise choice made of Trishla and Samir Jain.

Profile of Satyan Gajwani

Satyan is an American citizen. He is a Sindhi Hindu. His father had gone to the USA for job and started a small manufacturing firm in Miami. Satyan had studied in Stanford University. It is in this University where he came in contact with Trishla. They started to date. Satyan didn’t know anything about Trishla’s association with The Times of India Group when he had proposed Trishla.

Samir Jain went to the USA to see Satyan and after talking with him he approved the relationship. Actually, he was not only looking for a nice human being, but he was also looking for a person who can handle his business empire. He asked Satyan to come to India and start working with various ventures of The Bennet Coleman and Company Ltd. to understand the entire business practices followed by group. Satyan came and worked with different ventures and later he decided to take command of Times Internet Ltd.

Satyan is currently the CEO of Times Internet Ltd.

He is having a very tough task of making ToI a competitor in the world of e-commerce businesses. He has already spent four years and the group has started to show good results. It will be a long journey and posterity will decide whether Samir Jain was right in his decision to approve Trishla’s love or not.