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Sushmita Roy: Wife of Cricketer Manoj Tiwary

Manoj Tiwary is a talented all round cricketer who represents West Bengal in domestic cricket and Delhi Daredevils in IPL. He has also played for India in international cricket, however couldn’t cement his spot. He is considered quite talented who can score in all forms of the game, similar to Kevin Peterson. It is quite unfortunate to see that such a talented cricketer is not justifying his prowess on the field to the potential.

This article is not about his cricketing career. It is about his wife.

Wife of Manoj Tiwary

You will be surprised to know that Manoj Tiwary is considered quite lucky when it comes to his personal life. He seems to have scored brilliantly on this turf.

Sushmita Roy is the wife of Manoj Tiwary and they got married in 2013. But the surprising fact is that Sushmita Roy is widely regarded as the most beautiful wife of current Indian cricketer. I have attached some photos here and you will be compelled to say Awww…!!

Manoj first met Sushmita in 2007 through a common friend. He was awestruck with the beauty of that young girl. He proposed to become a friend instantly which Sushmita accepted. Few days later, Manoj proposed and they started to date. It took six years for them to get married. In the meantime, both remained loyal to each other.

It is also considered that Sushmita was the main reason why Manoj couldn’t justify his talent on the field. She was there in his mind every time and snatched his concentration when it was needed most. That was golden period of Manoj, but because of Sushmita he couldn’t take benefit of that.