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SEX MMS Scandal of Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan needs no introduction, at least in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Being the daughter of the most successful Bollywood actor makes her a well-known figure. She is also now growing up and hence people are trying hard to get some news about her personal life.

Unfortunately, this intrusion in her personal life sometimes takes heinous turn. Suhana is media shy and has always avoided any attempt by journalist get her answered on anything. Shahrukh and Gauri also do everything possible to let her enjoy her childhood. But, sometimes a video or photo comes out in the public domain and created a sort of storm.

MMS Scandal of Suhana Khan

Recently, I got a WhatsApp message about an MMS Scandal of Suhana Khan. There was also a link with the message, which I decided not to click. Few days later, I checked on the Internet to see the veracity of this claim. I am well aware of another sinister plot by netizen when Aryan Khan was rumored to be in an MMS Scandal with none other than Navya Naveli, the granddaughter of Amitabh Bachchan. That supposedly explosive sex scandal turns out to be fake. Imagine the frustration that these celebrities have to bear with by seeing these types of news where their growing up kids are maliciously framed and made to look like pervert.

Well, I couldn’t find any news about a video floating around on the Internet about Suhana Khan Sex scandal. All I could find was some discussion about an image which was leaked on the social media. In that image, Suhana is seen lying down with three girls. She is wearing quite revealing dress and her thigh is clearly visible. She seems to be quite tired along with two other friends.

Many websites have run story around this image. Some of them even went to the extent of predicting that Suhana was definitely drunk at that night and her looks are clear manifestation of a person being in hangover.

I am adding picture here and you can see the face of Suhana. I don’t find anything that can make her look like a drunk. Further, I don’t find anything explosive with this picture. This is just a casual picture which might have shot after a private party among Suhana groups. It is quite unfortunate that this innocent picture was rumored to be a perfect case of SRK daughter being in the ‘wrong company’. And, people talking about her thighs and supposedly sexy look are just disgusting.