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Neeraj Kumar Pawan, IAS: Profile, Family and Wife

Neeraj Kumar Pawan was considered a bright and dynamic IAS officer of Rajasthan. He used to be regarded as a result oriented officer who never compromises on administrative values, integrity and probity. However, his arrest in the infamous NRHM Scam has literally shaken the trust general public hold for a seemingly incorruptible Civil Servant. The multi headed hydra of Indian administration, namely corruption, has again shown its face in the form of Neeraj Pawan.

Neeraj Pawan with Sachin Tendulkar

Profile of Neeraj Pawan

Neeraj Pawan was born and brought up in Jhalawar, Rajasthan. He has done schooling from here. He did B. Sc. In Zoology and then completed M. Sc. with Clinical Psychology. He started preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2001 and cracked UPSC Civil Services 2002. He got IAS with Rajasthan Cadre.

His first posting was as an Assistant Collector and Executive Magistrate in Pali. From this very first posting, Neeraj started to attract eyeballs for positive works. His tenure as District Collector in various districts of Rajasthan, like Dungarpur, Karauli, Pali and Bharatpur are still remembered for positive works done by the district administration under Neeraj’ leadership.

It should be mentioned here that he has also got many awards and recognition from both Rajsthan government as well as the Union government. He stole the limelight in 2009 when he was awarded by the Prime Minister of India for PM’s Award for Excellence in the implementation of MGNREGA.


Neeraj was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Rajasthan on May 30th, 2016. Before filing of the case by the ACB, Neeraj was till recently serving as the Agriculture Commissioner.

Actually, a complaint had got tender under NRHM for Rs. 7 Crore. Out of this tender amount, he had to pay bribe of Rs. 1.5 Crore to allegedly Neeraj Pawan and few other officers, including an RAS.

As mentioned above, it is a crude shock for many people of Rajasthan. He is still remembered in various parts of state as a honest and upright administrator. It is a matter of great concern that an upright officer like Neeraj Kumar Pawan also couldn’t thwart the temptation of making money through short routes replete with scandalous deeds. 


  1. Harami saala,,,natak karta tha honesty ka..

  2. Ek din public jagegi aur aise haramkhoro ke chutad maar maar ke sujayegi..

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  4. Asa kuch ni h ye km se km kuch axa to kr ta e ta unka kya jo poora ki pora gull kr jate h abi tk k ias m se to axa e tta jisne kuch districts k liye kiya


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