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Poonamben Madam: Profile, Family and Controversies

Poonamben Madam is a firebrand BJP MP from Jamnagar, Gujarat. She is considered as one of the most promising 3rd generation leaders of the saffron party. Before becoming an MP in 2014 Lok Sabha Election, she was an MLA from Khambhalia Constituency of Jamnagar.

Profile of Poonamben Madam

Poonam was born on 23rd September, 1974 in the family of politician. It should be mentioned here that her family used to not have close relation with the BJP, or any of Gujarat state leaders of the Party. Her father, Late Hematbhai Rambhai Maadam, was a well-known social worker who had represented Khambhalia in the Gujarat Assembly for four times. Her distant uncle Mr. Vikram Madam was an MP of Jamnagar on a Congress ticket. In fact, Vikram had tried hard to stop the rise of Poonam, without any success. She has just destroyed his aura and popularity, at least in Jamnagar constituency.

It was, in fact, Vikram who had compelled Poonam to leave Congress and join BJP. He must be cursing himself for such a political mistake which has effectively terminated his career in the Indian politics.

Family and Husband

Poonamben is married to Parmindar Kumar Mahajan who was a defense officer. Now, he is taking care of social work of Poonam Maadam.

Poonam has only one child – a daughter.

Falling in the drain

Poonamben was in news when she fell in the drain in her constituency. Actually, a demolition work was going on in the Jalaram Nagar Area where locals were opposing the move. Poonam went there to talk with the agitating people and in the process the concrete sheet on which she was standing cracked. With the sheet, she fell into the 8 ft. drain. She was rushed to the hospital immediately where alert doctors saved her life.

Dancing and Notes

Poonam was also in news in Aprile 2015 when a video was leaked in the media. She had participated in a Bhagvat Katha Program. She had danced in the program, and within 30 seconds 3 Crores Rupees were showered by audiences. That was shocking, and also humiliating for Poonam Ben Maadam.