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Sadhana Singh and Pramod Mahajan Relationship

Shivraj Singh Chauhan is the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. He is at the helm since 29th November, 2005 when the top leadership of the BJP decided to replace Babu Lal Gaur to thwart internal squabbling in the party. He is considered quite a clean politician. However, this ‘Mr. Clean’ image has taken a back seat recently because of lots of scams that have come in the media in Madhya Pradesh. It is also widely believed that Shivraj Singh Chauhan is not directly involved in any of the wrong doings, but somewhat his wife Sadhana Singh has tarnished his image. It is because of this fact that Sadhana Singh has become a matter of great discussion in MP, post alleged dumper and Vyapam scams. People are keen to know more about Sadhana Singh, and interestingly very little information is available in the public forum about her. In fact, villagers of Jait, the birth place of Shivraj Singh, are completely unaware of the real identity of Sadhana Singh.

One of the interesting discussions is also going on about Sadhana Singh and Pramod Mahajan. You can see many people bad mouthing about Sadhana and Late Pramod Mahajan. Since, Pramod Mahajan is no more; these types of discussions should not take place.

Pramod Mahajan and Sadhana Singh Relationship

Pramod Mahajan was the firebrand politician of the BJP. Had he lived today, Narendra Modi would not have been the Prime Minister.

In 1991 Lok Sabha Election, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had fought from two seats – Vidisha and Lucknow. He concentrated on Lucknow and gave Pramod Mahajan charge of Vidisha. Pramod Mahajan camped there for more than one month and used the service of a rising local young politician, named Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

Pramod Mahajan was accompanied with his secretary. The name of his beautiful secretary was Sadhana Singh. Shivraj Singh Chauhan came in contact with Sadhana at that time. During the campaigning stage, Shivraj and Sadhana came close to each other. And, in no time, they decided to get married.

Hence, Sadhana Singh Chauhan was the secretary of Late Pramod Mahajan.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan broke this news to Pramod Mahajan after the election result. He asked him to wait. Vajapayee Ji resigned from Vidisha soon after winning the election, as he wanted to retain Lucknow. Pramod Mahajan proposed the name of Shivraj Singh Chauhan for BJP candidate in the bye election. Many BJP stalwarts were surprised by this move as Shivraj Singh Chauhan was not a big politician to fight on a seat which has been left by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Pramod Mahajan convinced everyone and hence Shivraj Singh Chauhan was given ticket.

Raghav Ji, a former Cabinet Minister of Shivraj Singh Chauhan who is now in jail for a sex scandal, was quite infuriated at that time. He was sure of getting the ticket as he had represented Vidisha Lok Sabha two times. He even blamed Pramod Mahajan secretary playing a role in all these happenings. But, nothing could have been done now as the high command had already decided about Shivraj.

In the bye-election, Shivraj easily won and went on to retain this seat for five consecutive terms. After the election, Pramod allowed Shivraj and Sadhana to get married, which they did one year later.

Yes, Sadhana did help Shivraj to get ticket for Vidisha Lok Sabha, which in fact helped him to become the CM years later. But, there is nothing to say that Sadhana Singh was the girlfriend of Late Pramod Mahajan. Being secretary doesn’t mean having illicit relationship.

As a matter of fact, Sadhana Singh is basically from Gond district of Maharashtra. Her marriage with Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan was intercaste marriage. The caste of Shivraj Singh Chauhan is Kirar, an OBC caste, while Sadhana Singh is a Rajput. It is interesting to note that many in MP still consider Shivraj Singh Chauhan as a Rajput.

@Gautam Kumar, Gunhegar


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  2. Excuse me Sir but there is a limit to making stories. Get your facts clear. First of all Sadhana Singh was never the secretary of Pramod Mahajan. Secondly, even she belongs to Kirar community. And as of today, where Shivraj Singh Chauhan has reached, the credit goes to his sheer hard work. He calls his wife, Sadhana Singh as his lady luck out of his love and respect for her. Making fake assumptions and passing on false information is not a right thing to do.


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