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Sangeet Som: Profile, Wife and Family

Sangeet Singh Som is a firebrand and controversial politician of Uttar Pradesh. He is a member of BJP and represents Saradhana Constituency of Meerut district. He became a national talk point during 2013 Muzaffarnagar riot. He was arrested at that time for allegedly flaring up of communal sentiments.

Profile of Sangeet Som

Sangeet Som was born on 1st January, 1979 in Meerut. His father Omveer Singh is a well-known personality of Meerut and has huge ancestral agricultural land. Sangeet Som has completed graduation from CCS University, Meerut. He got interested into the politics during graduation and soon started to be recognized as a maverick person. He is also a local businessman with interests in varied fields.

Som started politics with BSP in 2007 and joined SP in 2009. However, he was never satisfied with any of these two parties and again changed the tack. He joined BJP in 2011. People were expecting him to join another party after two years, but that didn’t happen. Two years later there was Muzaffarnagar riot and SangeetSom had become a sort of celebrity for ‘Right Wingers’.

He is now with the BJP and expected to remain here. In fact, if BJP forms government in UP, Sangeet Som may get a heavy portfolio as a cabinet minister.

Sangeet Som is a Rajput by caste, but also quite popular among Jats of Western Uttar Pradesh. He was quite close to Kalraj Mishra and Dr. Sanjeev Balyan.

Wife and Family of Sangeet Som

Sangeet Som is married to Preeti Som. It should be noted here that his wife Preeti Som was also once fabricated in the Muzaffarnagar riot for her role in the mahapanchayat.
Sangeet Som brother is also a controversial figure. However, till now he has remained under the influence of elder brother and yet to show any sort of political ambition of his own.


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