Subodh Yadav, IAS: Profile, Family and Details

Subodh Yadav is one of the most upright, honest and citizen friendly administrators of Karnataka. He is a 1999 batch IAS officer of Karnataka cadre. You will seldom find an officer who has such a long career without any blot and, more importantly, who is deeply loved by people wherever he had worked.

Subodh Yadav, IAS with Manmohan Singh

Profile of Subodh Yadav

Suboth Yadav was born on 5th August, 1972 in UP in a humble family. He was always a bright student throughout his schooling. Once done with schooling from his local government school, he prepared for Engineering and got admission in IIT, Roorkey – at that time, it was not an IIT, though.

He has done B. Tech in Mechanical and then went for M. Tech. He worked in few companies before deciding to go for UPSC Civil Services Examination. Subodh cracked Civil Services in his first attempt and got IAS with Karnataka cadre. Since then, he is constantly in news – for all good reasons.

Subodh Yadav was transferred for many times. In fact, he was not allowed to work at one position for more than one year. IAS officers got transferred and majority of them are for political reasons. But, transfer of Subodh always makes news because of severe protests by locals. When he was prematurely transferred from the post of DC of Dakshinna Kannada, locals protested violently. However, politicians never learned any lessons.

It should also be noted that a honest officer has been treated in the same manner by both Congress and the BJP Governments of Karnataka.

Only recently, when he was transferred out of BBMP, residents of Bangalore have started to protest. Actually, Subodh was honestly fighting a lone battle against turning Bangalore in a garbage city. He was working round the clock to make proper solid waste management. Some of his honest initiatives were creating problems for corrupt Congress politicians and contractors. The result was another transfer. This time he was made Secretary of KPCC. The Government thought that giving him a good position with this transfer will keep people calm. But, that is not the case and lots of petitions are being filed against this order.

Family of Subodh Yadav

Subodh is married and has two children. He is living in Bangalore with his wife and children. 

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  1. What a joke! Garbage had piled up for 8 months in his stint next to his BBMP head office, and people were urinating openly near BBMP office everyday without shame. Mr.Subodh yadav is the biggest failure. He is yet to reply to my e-mail and he avoided me when I tried to meet him in his cabin.