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Ramya: Profile, Father, Husband and Boyfriend Details

Ramya is one of the most known celebrities of Karnataka in the contemporary times. She is the reigning queen of Kannada Film Industry and termed as Golden Girl and Sandalwood Queen. She has won series of awards for stupendous performances in many films. Apart from Kannada, Ramya has also worked in some Telugu and Tamil movies.

However, in last few years, she has become a national sensation. That is because of her entry into the world of politics. It is hard to find such a beautiful and young female politician. She has represented Mandya Lok Sabha constituency in 2013 – 14.

Profile of Ramya

Ramya was born on 29th November, 1982. At this juncture, she is 36 years old. Her real name is Divya Spandana. However, very few people know her by this name. She is the daughter of Ranjitha, a senior Congress politician from Karnataka. The name of her biological father is not known publicly. Ramya had repeatedly said that she is aware of the identity of her biological father, but will not reveal his name on the public forum. It is her personal life, but after becoming a politician she should have made her father’s name public.

R. T. Narayan, a well-known industrialist was the foster father of Ramya. She calls herself Vokkaliga and a Mandya girl. As long as, she doesn’t mention the real identity of her father, the caste identity will remain under cloud. However, Vokkaliga community of South Karnataka adores her.

It should be noted here that R. T. Narayan died on the day Ramya filed nomination paper for Mandya bye election.

She has the distinction of starting her filmy career with the son of Rajkumar.

Boyfriend of Ramya

Ramya has got the perfect age to get married. In fact, she has already crossed that age. However, she says that marriage is still not what she is thinking about. She has always rumored to be in relationship with some guys. In an interview, she had frankly told that she is single and looking forward to remain the same.

It is quite ironical that how such a beautiful girl can remain single. But, you have to take her statement on face value. Similarly, there is no statement of her about losing virginity. She had just said that she loves to be in hotel and does all business deals from hotel, not home.

Ramya and Marriage Proposals

Ramya says that she is getting lots of marriage proposals; primarily she is contacted for marriage through her mother. In fact, her mother also wants her to get settled in life. However, she is still not ready for that.

She has categorically said that her husband would not be from film industry. Her husband will be an industrialist or a politician. Let’s see who gets the chance to spend life with such a beautiful angel.

Ramya Vs. Ambareesh

Congress is trying to project Ramya to counter the popularity of another Congressman Ambareesh. Both of them are from the same region and are Vokkaliga. However, it should be noted that Ambareesh is more popular than Ramya in Mandya region. It is because of this fact that Ramya was not inducted into the cabinet after removal of Ambareesh.

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