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Fizza Saleem, ARY: Profile, Wiki, Age and Boyfriend

Fizza Saleem is one of the most loved TV journalists of Pakistan. She is currently working with ARY NEWS where one of her shows – Zurm Bolta Hai – has created lots of buzz on social networks. She is keenly followed by youngsters around Pakistan, India and Bangaldesh. In fact, in a very short span of time, she has made a mark in the world of Pakistani Television, not just news world.

Fizza Saleem

Profile of Fizza Saleem

Fizza Saleem was born on 16th August, 1990. It means at point of time, she is 26 years old. After completing her schooling, she decided to go for journalism and hence did a course on mass communication. She had started to impress everyone while going through her journalism course and people around her used to see a future powerful journalist in her.

Fizza Saleem

Fizza Saleem started to work ARY NEWS after completing her course. Initially, she worked as a desk reporter as an intern. Here again, she showed her mental stamina and ability to go behind any news. She was always itching to do investigative journalism. She used to create follow up crime reports which drew thousands of new viewers to ARY. Finally, the management asked her to host its real life crime series – Zurm Bolta Hai. This was a God send opportunity for Fizza and the success of this show is a testimony of her ability.

Fizza Saleem

Fizza loves reading books, especially crime based novels.

Boyfriend and Husband of Fizza Saleem

Fizza Saleem is quite beautiful and gifted with attractive face coupled with perfect curvature. Naturally, youngsters are keen to know more about her, particularly her relationship status. Unfortunately, there is no information available in the media or Internet about the personal life of Fizza. We don’t know whether she is married or not. Even there is no info about her boyfriend, if any. If you have any information about the relationship status of Fizza, please share that on the comment section for future readers.