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Rejoice Shampoo: Review, Benefits and Price in India

Rejoice Shampoo is considered as the best product for smoothening hair. Apart from smooth hair, this shampoo also offers powerful anti-dandruff feature and the benefit of steam treatment. P&G has developed this shampoo with micro-silicone technology. They have also patented this technology and hence it is only of its kind shampoo available in the market today.

Rejoice Shampoo in India

P&G had launched in India in 2004. Ever since its launch, it disrupted the market for first two years. However, after 2007, there was steep decline its sell because of the price factor. Only high end customers were buying it and the sell was virtually dead in small towns.

The company had to withdraw this shampoo from the Indian market and make it demand led. It is still available in Metro Cities and can be found at premier retail cosmetic stores. P& G had decided to focus only on two shampoo brands in the Indian market – Pantene and Head &Shoulders and hence they let such a powerful brand Rejoice die a slow death. It should be noted that Rejoice is still quite popular in many Asian markets, like China, Thailand and the Philippines, among others.

The Unique Selling Proposition of Rejoice Shampoo is its attempt to provide twice as much easy to comb and smooth hair than other shampoos available in the market. And, there is no denying that this shampoo sticks with these claims as far as performance is concerned.

Its effect on hair fall is simply mesmerizing. If you are concerned about hair fall and nothing has worked for you till now, you should try this shampoo. It works wonderfully and contain hair fall within two weeks. Once you discontinue, the hair fall will not return back unlike other products.

Rejoice Shampoo is available on Amazon India website. If you can afford it, you can order on Amazon. Here is the relevant link:

Following are some benefits of Rejoice Shampoo

-         Makes roots stronger and controls hair fall in a short span of time
-         Offers silky smooth hair which is easy to comb hours after shower
-         It comes with Pro-V formula which cleanses the roots and scalp in a gentle way