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Acharya Balakrishna: Profile, Net Worth, Family, Wife and Controversy

When Forbes released the list of top hundred rich Indians of 2016, one name catches everyone attention – Acharya Balakrishna. He was first time inducted into this coveted list and placed at 40th rank. A man so simple with humble background is among top 40 rich people of India is simple unbelievable. This is nothing short of a stormy entry the effect of which will be felt for next few months.

Acharya Balakrishna is a versatile personality having deep insights into Ayurveda. He is widely read person and has gone through entire ancient Hindu texts. He is the man behind the success of Patanjali Ayurveda. He is the man who brought ancient Hindu philosophy for the betterment of mankind.

Profile of Acharya Balakrishna

Balakrishna was born on 25th July, 1972 in Jind Haryana. He was born as Narayan Prasad Subedi. By caste, he is a Brahman. However, he has relinquished his caste and doesn’t mention it anywhere. The only identity he follows is being a staunch Hindu.

Shrimati Sumitra Devi and Shri Jai Vallabh are names of Balakrishna parents. They were from Nepal and had shifted to India in search for jobs. It was his father who had ignited love for ancient Indian philosophy in him. In fact, Jai Vallabh sent him to a Gurukul for schooling. Here at Gurukul, his name was changed from Narayan Prasad to Balakrishna.

Balakrishna completed schooling in Jind under the guidance of renowened Acharya Baldev Ji. Later, he shifted to Sampurnananda Sanskrit University, Varanasai from where he has taken the degree of Acharya.

Yes, Balakrishan has an Acharya degree and this prefix has nothing to do with him living a life of Saint.

How Balakrishna Met Ramdev

Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balakrishn have become a powerful force in the FMCG industry in India. Actually, they had never planned to do so. Ramdev met Balakrishna in Jind in a Gurukul. They remained friend ever since. Ramdev had become a Yoga teacher and Balakrishna was treating patients through Ayurvedic medicine. Ramdev was also becoming more and more popular. Balakrishna gave him idea of using Ayurveda to give the best possible and safe treatment options to Indians. Then came Rajiv Dixit in the picture. These three persons did something that has currently become the biggest headaches for international FMCG companies, like Palmolive, Unilever, P&G and Himalaya Drugs, among others.

Net Worth of Acharya Balakrishna

According to Forbes Magazine, Acharya Balakrishna is worth 2.5 billion Dollars. He is ranked 48th among top 100 rich people of India. It should be noted that he is the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Patanjali Ayurveda. All business decisions are being taken directly by him.

Further, Balakrishna holds 97 percent of shares of Patanjali Ayurveda. Neither Ramdev nor any of his family members has any share. Yes, you heard it right. Baba Ramdev doesn’t hold even a single share of Patanjali.

It must be mentioned here that Balakrishna doesn’t use a single paisa out of the earning from the Patanjali Ayurveda. Either it is reinvested in the business or used for the purpose of charity.

Wife and Girlfriend of Acharya Balakrishna
There is no information in the public domain about the personal life of Balakrishna. The only thing we know is the fact that he is single and has never married. But, whether he was ever in any committed sort of relationship or not is unknown. Further, his extended family information like that of brother or sister, if any, is also not known.
Acharya Balakrishna Suved has always been in controversies. The previous UPA Government let loose CBI against him. Cases were lodged and he was arrested after getting undergrounded for few days. He was charged for forging degrees and getting passport on the basis of these forged degrees. It should be noted that Balakrishna parents are Nepali Hindus.