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Ashutosh, AAP: Profile, Wife, Girlfriend and Family

Ashutosh is the national spokesperson of Aam Aadmi Party – AAP. He was once considered as one of the most respected television journalists of India and has seen stupendous rise in the world of electronic journalism. He was the face of Aaj Tak and later rose to become the managing director of IBN 7, a Hindi news channel. Unfortunately, during his last few months as a journalist, he turned the news room into a political propaganda house of AAP which led to the fall of IBN 7. He is also quite controversial figure on the social media.

Profile of Ashutosh

Ashutosh was born in 1965 in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. His father – Mr. S L N Gupta - was an Income Tax Officer and hence Ashutosh had a lavish lifestyle from his childhood. He is a Bania by caste and had dropped surname – Gupta – during the Mandal agitation. The motive was to demote the use of caste in the public life. It is saddening to see that such a person become completely casteist in recent months.

Ashutosh Gupta did schooling from Varanasi and later shifted to Allahabad University for Graduation. Then, he went to the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi from where he completed M. A. and M. Phil.

Ashutosh was preparing for Civil Services when a chance meeting with Mrinal Pandey, the prominent Hindu print journalist, changed his future. Mirnal got impressed with the outlook and attitude of Ashutosh and asked him to join Hindustan, the Hindi Newspaper. Since then, there is no looking back for Ashutosh. He joined Aaj Tak and become the Executive Producer of this channel starting from a local correspondent. His journalistic career is bright apart from his last few months where he was abusing the journalistic ethics by openly taking sides of Arvind Kejriwal.

Wife of Ashutosh Gupta

Ashutosh is married to Maneesha Taneja. That was a love marriage and Ashutosh parents opposed the relationship. Maneesha was a junior to Ashutosh in JNU from where, like Ashutosh, she has also done M. A. and M. Phil. It is said that Maneesha was the main reason why Ashutosh couldn’t crack UPSC Civil Services Prelims in his two attempts and later accepted the offer of Mrinal Pandey to become a journalist.

According to the affidavit filed by Ashutosh during the last Lok Sabha Election, he and his wife have property worth Rs. 8 Crores. Needless to say, the valuation is as per circle rate. If you go by market rate, they are richer by many more times. Obviously, Ashutosh is not an Aam Aadmi as rightly pointed by few media houses.

There is no other information available in the public domain about children of Ashutosh. He only shares information about his two dogs – sometimes with idiotic English.


Ever since Ashutosh joined AAP, he has constantly been in controversy. When Arvind Kejriwal was detained by Election Commission in Gujarat, he led a gang of goons and attacked the BJP history. That incident is a blot on the Indian democracy.

He is also quite poor when it comes to English language. He can’t write a simple sentence. His vocabulary is pathetic. His sentence construction is outrageous. Some examples are attached with this post.

Ashutosh was also in news for comparing an alleged rapist Sandip Kumar with Mahatma Gandhi, J L Nehru and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He seems to indicate that there is nothing wrong in political leaders taking sexual favors from gullible women. His idiotic defense of Sandeep Kumar and SEX CD embarrassed the party.

Girlfriend of Ashutosh Gupta

A picture is being shared on the social media where Ashutosh is seen getting close to a girl. This is not a morphed picture, but it also doesn’t indicate anything. Fortunately, the face of the girl has been concealed.

There is nothing wrong in criticizing someone. There is nothing wrong in peaceful protest against Ashutosh backing of Sandeep Kumar. But, sharing images over social media without any proof is a moral crime.