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Durgesh Pathak, AAP: Profile, Girlfriend and Controversies

Durgesh Pathak is a prominent Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader. At a very young age, he has emerged as a successful organization builder for the party. The party is expecting to win the next Assembly Election in Punjab and if that happens, the credit for that will be given to Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak. He has become a close confidant of Supreme leader Arvind Kejriwal. For any decision regarding Punjab, the party follows opinions of Durgesh Pathak. Such is the charisma of this young leader that many senior AAP leaders are becoming increasingly jealous to him. Ashutosh doesn’t like him being termed as ‘the Next Arvind Kejriwal’.

Profile of Durgesh Pathak

Durgesh Pathak was born on August 3rd, 1988 in Sikohara village of Gorakhpur district, Uttar Pradesh. He did schooling from Government Inter College, Basti. Later, he shifted to Allahabad for high education from where he completed Graduation and PG. He has done M.A. in English Literature. During Graduation, he was thinking about preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination. However, some incidents changed his mind and he became a volunteer for India Against Corruption – IAC. He actively participated in the Anna Movement and later joined AAP when it was founded. His passionate work for AAP was started to be recognized and the party gave him lots of responsibility on the field. He may not be the face of the party on the news channel, but he is the leader of volunteers working on the field.


Unfortunately, there have been lots of controversies in recent times related to Durgesh Pathak. The man who loves to work behind the lime light has suddenly become a matter of discussion.

First, the Punjab unit of AAP has started to disintegrate. Some popular Sikhs leaders have left the party and their main point of allegation is Durgesh. Some of them alleged corruption and cash for ticket scam going on.

The lifestyle of Durgesh has also changed. When he joined IAC, he used to earn Rs. 15 K mainly through tuition classes. He had left Civil Services preparation. However, at this time, he is living in a posh locality of Delhi with the best in class interior furniture enhancing the look of his dwelling. He has no source of income then how come he is maintaining lavish lifestyles.

He is also criticized for saying that it was better he quit IAS preparation otherwise he would have become a corrupt person. Does he mean all IAS officers are corrupt? Or, he doesn’t have any faith on his own will power? What about his current lifestyle?
He is also blamed for asking for sexual favors in Punjab. Yogendra Yadav in a discussion on Aaj Tak tacitly said that sexual exploitation of Punjabi young girls are being done by Delhi based AAP leaders. He didn’t name Durgesh Pathak. However, a Delhi AAP MLA openly accused Delhi based leaders for sexual exploitation. People are also losing faith because of hot discussion going on about Sandeep Kumar self made sex video.

Girlfriend of Durgesh Pathak

As per information available in the public domain, Durgesh Pathak is single.