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Tulsi Kumar: Profile, Bio, Boyfriend and Husband

Tulsi Kumar is a popular Indian playback singer. She is the daughter of music tycoon late Gulshan Kumar. Being related with one of the biggest music brands of India – T-Series – she had developed a sense for music from very early age. It was her brother Bhushan Kumar who had supported Tulsi in tough times when Gulshan Kumar was shot dead.

Profile of Tulsi Kumar

Tulsi Kumar was born in 1986 in Delhi. She was the second child of Gulshan Kumar and Sudesh Kumari. When Gulshan Kumar was murdered, Tulsi got immense support from her brother. Actually, it was Bhushan Kumar who asked her to follow her passion for music and try to make a place in the music industry on her own.

It was also an earnest desire of Gulshan Kumar to see Tulsi singing. Though, he couldn’t see her as a playback singer, his memory keeps on motivating Tulsi to do something special. She had got admitted to Sudesh Wadekar Academy to learn classical form of music.

She decided to try her luck in the Bollywood without the support of T-Series. She went to Himesh Reshamia who instantly agreed and asked her to come to audition. Himesh loved her voice and offered her few songs. That is how Tulsi started her career. Some of her songs from Aksar, Hamko Deewana Kar Gaye and Chup Chup Ke, among others became chart busters.

Tulsi once quipped that had she asked Bhushan Kumar could have ensured a grand launch in the music industry. But, both siblings follow the path of Gulshan Kumar who had made a music behemoth company coming from nowhere. It is because of this fact that Tulsi was not looking to get anything on platter.

Husband and Boyfriend of Tulsi Kumar

The first boyfriend of Tulsi Kumar was a singer who was also getting training at Sudesh Wadekar Academy. However, the relationship couldn’t last long and they parted ways in 2005. After that, Tulsi remained single and concentrated fully on her music career.

In 2009, she met a Jaipur based businessman Hitesh Rahlan. They fell in love instantly and started to date. After six long years of courting, Tulsi and Hitesh decided to get married. They tied knot in 2015.

After her marriage, Tulsi started to focus her attention to business apart from singing. There is no denying that her focus is now drifting away from her childhood passion. She is living in Mumbai with her husband Hitesh Rahlan.


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