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G. Sreekanth, IAS: Profile, Family and Wife

Indian bureaucracy has earned quite a bad name for its protectionist attitude and generally being a corrupt organization. However, it is the same bureaucracy which has given some of the most efficient officers in India. G. Shreekanth, an IAS Officer, is one of them who has brought good name for the entire fraternity with his commendable work and gentle approach.

Apart from being an IAS officer, G. Sreekanth is also a motivational figure for students dreaming about Civil Services. His life is worth following and an example to show how a simple man struggling with lots of hardships can reach the epitome of success.

G. Sreekanth, IAS

Profile of G. Sreekanth, IAS

Sreekanth was born and brought up in Jawalgera village in Raichur district of Karnataka. His father, Narsappa, was a small farmer. His uncle was working with Indian Railway and his father ensured that Sreekanth stay with his uncle to get the best possible education.

Sreekanth did schooling from Kurnool and later took admission in Railway Junior College, Secudarabad from where he completed Intermediate examination. He applied for Railway Ticket Checker job and cracked the exam and later joined Railway as a TC.

While working as a TC, he joined Distance Education program of the Osmania University, Hyderabad and completed B. Com. He was considered a brilliant guy among Railway employees fraternity and everyone was motivating him to go for UPSC Civil Services Examination. His first attempt in 2008 was futile as he couldn’t clear the Mains Exam. He took leave and prepared whole heartedly for his next attempt and cracked the UPSC Civil Services with an All India Rank of 97. He got IAS and Maharashtra Cader. His first posting was in Kinwat Taluka as an Assistant Collector. He later became Municipal Commissioner of Nanded.

Sreekanth stole the lime light when he was made District Collector of Akola. In a short time, he became the hope and aspirations of the residents of Akola. He was appreciated for driving the car for his retiring driver. Digambar Thak, the driver, was getting retirement and on the D-day the driver sat at the rear seat on the official car which was being driven by none other than the DC. It was a wonderful retirement gift which touched the heart of many people.

G. Sreekanth, IAS, driving the car on the retirement day of his driver who is sitting behind

Wife of Sreekant Akola

G. Sreekant is married to Sonam Awasthi. It should be noted that Sonam was his longtime girlfriend and she has also encouraged and motivated him to crack UPSC Civil Services Examination.


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