Payal Nath Abdullah: Profile and Complete Details

The case of Payal Nath Abdullah is becoming increasingly interesting. She is no more living with her husband. The divorce application of Omar Abdullah has been rejected by the Court. Hence, as per law, she is still the wife of Omar. However, she is only termed as the estranged wife of the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir.

It is said that the rift between Payal and Omar come to the fore because of the relationship of Omar Abdullah with a prominent lady journalist working with the NDTV. However, nothing has been confirmed. That journalist is also a divorcee.

Profile of Payal Abdullah

Payal Nath was born and brought up in Delhi. Her father Mr. Ram Nath was Major General in the Indian Army. She studied in the Army school and went abroad for higher education. After returning back to India, she joined Oberai Hotel as a marketing executive. It was in the summer of 1994, when Payal met with Omar Abdullah who had also joined The Oberai as a trainee marketing executive.

Omar was a handsome guy and used to the center of attraction wherever he might be. Payal was also amazingly beautiful. They became friend and later started to date. When they decided to get married, Farooque Abdullah became angry. In fact, the mother of Omar Abdullah didn’t give permission for the marriage till the end.

They got married on 1st September, 1994.

However, Omar and Payal crossed all hurdles and got married. They had two sons – Zamir and Zahir.

It is quite unfortunate that such a wonderful couple who could have given the lesson of love between people of different religions got separated.

It should be noted that Payal is a Sikh by birth while Omar is a Muslim. Farooque Abdullah now wants his son to get married to a Kashmiri Muslim girl, but again, Omar seems to be in no mood to follow the advice of his parents in his personal space.
Payal was recently evicted from her government bungalow in the Lutyen’s Zone. However, the security cover for her along with two sons has been retained by the Home Ministry.

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