Anand Kumar, Mayawati Brother: Profile, Wife and Details

Mulayam Singh Yadav is known for promoting his family members in the world of politics. His arch rival Mayawati doesn’t like this. She has always maintained that none of her family members will come to politics. She has broken relationship with her parents and elder brother. Only her younger brother Anand Kumar remained close to her and is actively associated to politics. In 2007, after becoming the Chief Minister, Mayawati had said that she will sever relationship with Anand once he decides to become MLA or MP. Anand has also remained away from showing any intention of fighting election. However, he doesn’t keep himself away from making money.

Profile of Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar was born in 1976. The only point that makes him apart is his relationship with Mayawati. On his own, he has not achieved anything in life. He got a government job as a clerk all because of his reservation advantage.

Anand Kumar started to look after small affairs of Mayawati from 2003. Before that, Mayawati was not giving any value to him. However, somehow he managed to convince Mayawati to work for her. Maywati allowed and from then there is no looking back for Anand Kumar.

A former government clerk, Anand Kumar, started to play in crores of Rupees when Mayawati came to power with clear majority in 2007. Anand Kumar got himself hooked in land dealings in NOIDA. Kirit Somaiya had released a list of 26 bogus companies in 2011 which were used by Anand Kumar to whiten his black money earned through dubious land deals at NOIDA. It is shocking that the BJP government took no action against Anand Kumar when it came to power under Narendra Modi. One should not give any credence to recent findings of Rs. 1.04 Crores in one of accounts of Anand Kumar. He is playing in billions and you are catching only ‘changes’ left behind.

Wife of Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is married to Vichitra Lata who has also been linked in many corruption cases. Vichitra Lata is director of many bogus companies established by Anand Kumar. She is also linked with the wife of big fish corrupt engineer Yadav Singh.

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