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Kavya Maran: Profile, Boyfriend, Wiki and Age

Kavya Maran is the only daughter of billionaire Kalanidhi Maran. She is beautiful and endowed with amazing intellectual power. She has every qualities needed to become an actress of a model, however given her intellect, she is spearheading many businesses of SUN.

She is also being groomed for business by none other than her mothet Kaveri, who is also recognized as one of the best businesswomen of the contemporary India.

Kavya Maran

Profile of Kavya Maran

Kavya (or, Kaviya) Maran was born in 1992 just one year after the marriage of Kalanidhi and Kaveri. After her birth, her parents decided to not have any baby and concentrating on raising a girl in the best possible manner in a prevalent patriarchal society of Tamil Nadu. At this juncture, one can say that Kavya has not disappointed her parents.

At this time, Kavya age is 24 years.

Kavya Maran has deep interest in Aviation sector, Media and entertainment. Interestingly, these three are the main businesses of Maran family. Currently, Kavya is handling day to day affairs of SUN Music and FM channels of SUN Television Network. Over time, she is expected to spearhead the entire SUN businesses.

Apart from that, Kavya is also known for her link with Hyderabad IPL Team. It should be noted that her father had bought this IPL team two years back.

Boyfriends of Kavya Maran

Kavya Maran was linked with the scion of TVS family. However, the relationship broke apart without going anywhere.

Kavya was also linked with Akhil Akkineni, the Telugu film actor and son of super star Nagarjuna. They were spotted together during IPL matches in Hyderabad which gave fodders to gossip news writers. However, they were never in relationship. Hopefully, the recent engagement of Akkineni will make people calm and they will stop linking Kavya with him. There is no denying that Kavya will marry a Tamilian and that’s too a guy from a business family or with someone links with DMK.