Ketki Gadkari: Profile, Husband, Education and Wiki

Ketki Gadkari is the youngest children of Cabinet Minister Nitin Gadkari. Being the youngest among three siblings, she is most loved in the family. It is quite natural that when she is getting married, Nitin Gadkari is not leaving any stone unturned to make the ceremony a memorable moment for all. It should be noted that Nitin Gadkari is also currently the MP of Nagpur Lok Sabha constituency and considered the most powerful person in the Vidarbha region. In this surcharged atmosphere of demonetization

Ketki Gadkari

Profile of Ketki Gadkari

As mentioned above Ketki is the youngest daughter of Nitin Gadkari. She has one elder brother and a sister. Her brother’s marriage two years back was a matter of hot discussion in India because around one lakhs people had attended the marriage and all of them participated in the feast.

Demonetization has curtailed hands of Gadkari this time. He can’t organize such a big ceremony because doing that will attract criticism. However, he is ensuring that the guest list remains strong replete with VIPs from throughout India.

Ketki Gadkari is going to be married with Aditya Kaskhedikar. Presently, Aditya is working with Facebook as a senior engineer and based in San Francisco.

Ketki and Aditya were seeing each other since last three years. This is obviously a sort of love-cum-arrange marriage.

It should be noted that the father of Aditya, Mr. Ravi Kaskhedikar was a staunch critic of the working style of Nitin Gadkari. Few years back he had led a big demonstration against Gadkari plan to privatize water supply in Nagpur to ensure 23X7 water to all residents of Nagpur. Ravi has also roots in RSS and was in touch with Nitin Gadkari since his childhood days.

Currently, Ravi Kaskhedikar is running an NGO named Jan Akrosh which is admirably doing good work in maintaining traffic in Nagpur.

Obviously, Ketki and Aditya have brought together two friends turn foes after such a long time. 

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