Love Story of Akhilesh and Dimple Yadav

Akhilesh Yadav is the young and maverick Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Being at the helm of the biggest state of India for five years without getting implicated in any scam and corruption charges is not a small deal. However, it should also be not ignored that he was not able to check ascending crime graph in UP. Now, when Mulayam has expelled him from party, he expected to become all the more powerful because of the sympathy he seems to be getting from youngsters. In this political and family battle, there lies a sweet and successful love story. That is of Akhilesh and Dimple Yadav.

How Akhilesh Met Dimple Yadav

Akhilesh and Dimple met for the first time at a party organized by a common friend in 1995. Akhilesh had just returned from Mysore after completing engineering. He was planning to go to Australia for PG. He had no plans of entering into the world of politics. On the other side, Dimple who was only 17 at that time was a bubbly girl with lovely face and amazing physical features. Akhilesh fell in love with Dimple at that party itself. Dimple was also showing interest for him. In a short span of time, they became close friends.

When Akhilesh went to Sydney for higher education, he remained in touch with Dimple. Dimple was not having any mobile phone and it was risky to call on the land line number. Akhilesh found a way and started to write letters to her. He used to post letter to a friend from where Dimple was supposed to collect.

When Akhilesh returned from Australia, he started to take Dimple for date. Mulayam who was already in a secret relationship with Sadhana Gupta somehow came to know about their relationship. He got worried as Dimple was from a different caste – Thakur – and the entire caste was not happy with Mulayam Singh. Dimple is the daughter of a Retired Lt. General who belongs to Uttarakhand (at that time, Uttarakhand was part of UP).

It was quite tough for Akhilesh to convince his father. He took support of grandmother without much success. At that time, it was Amar Singh who helped the couple to get united. Amar Singh not only ensured the approval of Mulayam Singh Yadav, but also placated the families and relatives of Dimple Singh Rawat who were also against this union.

Some other Thakur leaders of Samajwadi Party came forward to make it possible.
In the end, Akhilesh Yadav and Dimple got married on 24th November, 1999. The couple has now three children. It is quite unfortunate that Akhilesh has given the worst kind of treatment to Amar Singh who was the man behind the success of his love story with Dimple. You can hate Amar Singh, but you can’t ignore his ability to befriend anyone.

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