Love Story of Jayalalithaa and MGR

It is a well-known fact that Jayalalitha was chosen by MGR as his successor (not directly, though). MGR had even taken risk of alienating his family, friends and thousands of core supporters in his bid to launch an actress in the politics. The relationship between them has remained one of the most interesting love-hate affairs of India. There is no doubt that MGR was attracted towards Jayalalitha. However, it is also widely believed that he treated Jayalalitha in an inhuman way which even led to Jayalalitha deciding not to be in a relationship with any man in future (well, Sobhan Babu has also played a part in this of her decision). After the death of Jayalalitha, people again got interest in this relationship.

Love Story of MGR and Jayalalitha

The relationship between these two political stalwards of India started on-screen. Their chemistry had become an instant hit and the couple had given 28 hits. MGR and Jayalalitha remained the most iconic on screen pair of Tamil Cinema.

Jayalalitha fell in love with MGR. She wanted him to marry her. MGR was also quite close to her, but was taking this relationship on a professional level. He was miffed when Jayalalitha showed interest in his personal life and proposed him to marry. MGR refused and they drifted apart. Jayalalitha then fell in love with another man Sobhan Babu who was also married. Interestingly, same thing again happened and Sobhan Babu also refused to marry Jayalalitha saying that his wife and children matter a lot for him.

There is no denying that MGR was a mentor to Jayalalitha, both in the film industry and in the politics. After becoming the Chief Minister, he had convinced Jayalalitha to join AIADMK and directly take on his arch rival M. Karunanidhi. Jayalalitha started to again get close to him. Further, her political graph was also increasing which created a sort of jealousy in other senior AIADMK.

The relationship again started to nose dive and a moment came when MGR and Jayalalitha were not even making eye contact. Credit goes to MGR for not obstructing Jayalalitha in her political work.

When MGR was hospitalized in the hospital, first in India and then to the USA, Jayalalitha was not even allowed to see him. It is THIS issue that has given major boost to Deepa because she was also not allowed to see her aunt Jayalalitha in the Apollo Hospital by Sasikala.

If you look into the personal lives of these two charismatic personalities, you may find it tough to believe that they were in any sort of romantic relationship. MGR was 31 years elder to Jayalalitha. In an interview, Amma had said that MGR had become everything for him – father, mother, friend, guide and philosopher. He was a person with whom anyone can fall in love. She further added that they were not having any romantic relationship off screen.

Still, people are not ready to believe that these two towering personalities were not romantically involved. Many call Jayalalitha as a mistress of MGR calling the latter as a womanizer. I think it is not good on the part of us to recklessly say anything about two persons when both of them are no more.

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