Sagarika Ghatge: Profile, Family, Husband, Boyfriend Zaheer Khan

Sagarika Ghatge is a prominent Hindi Film actress. She is still remembered for her iconic role in the super hit movie Chak De! India. Apart from showing exceptional talent on screen, she has also been recognized as a world class athlete. However, she preferred acting over professional sports. She also participated in the Fear Factor and was among finalists.

Profile of Sagarika Ghatge

Sagarika Ghatge was born on 8th January, 1986 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. She did schooling from Kolhapur and later shifted to Mumbai for higher education and pursuing her passion in sports. However, later she changed her mind and concentrated on becoming a model and actress. When she heard about the audition of Chak De! India by Yash Raj Films, she went and due to her scintillating acting skills coupled with athletic body, she was easily chosen for the role Preeti Sabharwal. She won many awards and recognition for the portrayal of Preeti in this movie.

Afterwards, Sagarika is concentrating on modeling assignments. She is not getting many film offers. She is also working hard to become a professional designer, which is her third passion. In a nutshell, Sagarika is a versatile personality.

It should be noted that Sagarika has royal lineage. Her grandmother was the daughter of Maharaja Holkar of Indore. Her parents are also related to the Maratha Royal Families.

Boyfriend of Sagarika Ghatge

Sagarika Ghatke has been linked with many guys. Her relationship with a model had broken in 2015. Now, she is being linked up with Zaheer Khan, the former speedster of the Indian National Cricket Team.

Love Story of Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan

As you might know, both Sagarika and Zaheer are quite private person and they tend to not disclose much about their personal lives.

It is believed that Zaheer Khan met Sagarika in a party in Mumbai in June, 2016. They had a common friend. During the drinking session, they came closer and shared mobile number. Both of them were single at time and hence it was not tough for them to get liking for each other. Sagarika proposed Zaheer who instantly accepted the proposal. They maintain the relationship secret. However, Yuvraj Singh requested them to come together to his marriage ceremony. Obviously, they didn’t refuse Yuvi and hence let the world know about their relationship.

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