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Sasikala Pushpa: Profile, Husband, Boyfriend and Family

Sasikala Pushpa is one of the most firebrand young politicians of Tamil Nadu. Once she was considered a gem within AIADMK and was termed by many as the possible successor of Jayalalitha. Unfortunately, she was sacked from the party on 1st August, 2016. The reason made public for her unceremonious was her alleged misbehavior with a DMK MP on the IGI Airport, New Delhi. She has also alleged threats on her life by some AIADMK leaders on the floor of Rajya Sabha.

Profile of Sasikala Pushpa

Sasikala Pushpa was born on 22nd May, 1976 to Mr. Thyagrajan and Mrs. Gowri. She is married to Mr. Lingesvara Thilagan. She has done B. A. in English Literature and later got M. A. in Public Administration. It was her dream to become an IAS officer for which she appeared in the UPSC Civil Services Exam thrice, but couldn’t clear it despite reaching to the Interview Level (Mains Exam). Later, she joined AIADMK and started to do political and social work.

Sasikala Pushpa rise in the AIADMK was bewildering. Despite clear sign of hindrance being created on her path by the other Sasikala (Chinamma), she rose meteorically and was sent to Rajya Sabha in 2014 by Jayalalitha. Actually, Sasikala has wide respect throughout Tamil Nadu because of the social work she has done. One of the pious attempts of her was to run IAS coaching free of cost for BPL families with credible results.

At the age of 32, Sasikala was named as the Joint Secretary of Women’s Wing of the party and in 2011 she became the Mayor of Thoothukudi Municipal Corporation. And hence, in a very short span of time, she had become a very powerful local leader.
When Jayalalitha sent her to Rajya Sabha, everyone was shocked. Fearing backlash from Amma, no senior party leader expressed any doubt about her selection. In fact, she was being seen as becoming a trusted ally of Jayalalitha threating the clout of Chinamma (Sasikala Natarajan). When her picture in objectionable condition with a DMK MP was leaked on the social media, no one raised an eyebrow. The reason was again the same – everyone was thinking her to be quite close to Amma.

However, it was even more shocking when Sasikala spoke publicly against Jayalalitha after her sacking. It may be because of her sheer frustration of seeing her entire edifice of ambitions getting trumped all of a sudden. But, his public criticism of Amma didn’t go down well among AIADMK supporters. And now, after the death of Amma, 

Sasikala return in the AIADMK will not be possible. Only Jayalalitha could have forgiven her like she did with the other Sasikala.

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