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Shobana is NOT the Daughter of Jayalalitha

It is a known fact that late Jayalalitha remained unmarried throughout her life. She had close relations with two males, as far as information available in the public domain is concerned – Sobhan Babu and MGR. But, what is possibility the biggest misunderstanding is about her children.

A name doing rounds on the Internet is Shobhana as her daughter. Someone one has recklessly written about this relationship without checking the facts. And, surprisingly, many people consider it as truth.

Shobhana is Not Jayalalitha Dauthter

Yes, Jayalalitha has never given birth to a baby. And, Shobana is not her daughter. As you might know, Shobana is also from Tamil Nadu and is a noted Bharat Natyam dancer. She has nothing to do with Jayalalitha.

Actually, people started to link Shobana with Jayalalitha because of Sobhan Babu. It is a known fact that Jayalalitha had affair with Sobhan Babu and she had even proposed him. But, they never married. Sobhan Babu has four children – and none of them is named Shobana.

Because of this similarility in name – Sobhan Babu and Shobana – some people started to spread rumor that Late Jayalalitha had a daughter named Shobana.

That is completely wrong information.

As a matter of fact, Jayalalitha had once adopted a son named Sudhakaran. He is the nephew of Sasikala. The adoption happened just before the marriage of Sudhakaran and that marriage had also led to the then downfall of Jayalalitha. She disowned Sudhakaran few months later never to see him again.

Apart from that, Jayalalitha had never adopted anyone.

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