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Priyanka Sambhav, CNBC: Profile, Husband and Contact Details

Priyanka Sambhav is the Editor – Consumer Affairs of Business News Channel CNBC Aawaz. She is one of the most respected journalists and news anchors in India when it comes to taking the issues of people close to their heart. She is the host of popular show – Peheredar where she takes of cases of consumer grievances and always tries to sort out the issues. The business firms keep close eyes on her shows as negative reporting can seriously hurt their market positions.

Profile of Priyanka Sambhav

There is no denying that Priyanka is quite popular In India because of her show – Peheredar. However, it is quite shocking that there isn’t any information related to her is available in the public domain. We couldn’t find any relevant information about her upbringing, educational profile, family and relationship status, among others. Many are saying that she is related to Kranti Sambhav of NDTV. But, there isn’t any authentic information about that.

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If you are having any complains about a product and your calls are going unanswered in the relevant section of the company, you can directly contact Priyanka Sambhav on her Facebook and Twitter Page. You can write a comment on Peheredar Facebook Page about your complain. You should give all information in the comment section and the concerned company will definitely contact you to sort out issues.