Swati Raina: Profile, Age, Family and Husband

Swati Raina is a successful news anchor currently working with Zee Business. Previously, she had worked with Aaj Tak Tez (Superfast News Segment of TV Today Group). Her stint with Aaj Tak was quite productive and many believe that Aaj Tak Tez was having credible number of viewers just because of Swati Raina. This fact was manifested in the high TRP that the channel had when she used to be on the screen.

Profile of Swati Raina

There is very little information available in the public domain about the personal life and family of Swati Raina. It is tough to say anything about her age as her date of birth is not available on the Internet.

As mentioned above, Swati had worked with Aaj Tak Tez where she was quite successful. She was awarded with NT Awards in the Entertainment Category while working at Aaj Tak Tez. However, she was always looking forward to get an opportunity to work in the serious news segment. When she was offered a stint at Zee Business, she immediately accepted the offer.

Her knowledge of monetary policy of India and her probing questions related to tough economic stuffs in debate has surprised many about the depth of knowledge she is endowed with. Her special program on Budget has compelled people to stick with Zee Business.

Husband and Boyfriend of Swati Raina

There is no information available about the relationship status of Swati Raina, who is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful news anchors in the contemporary times. If you have any relevant information about her relationship issues, please post that in the comment section for the benefit of future readers.

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